Best Under 5 Ingredients Side Dishes: Top Ten {Tuesday}

One of the best things about doing e-mealz is that each meal includes a side dish. I’m so very guilty of making an entree and then 2 minutes before I serve it up saying, “Oh. Maybe we should have some vegetables with this?” The side dishes e-mealz suggests are usually simple like cut up cantaloupe […]

My New Favorite

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My New Favorite

I am a horrible blog reader. I subscribe to lots of blogs but rarely sit down to read them. For the past few weeks my feedreader has said I have 1000+ unread posts. This week I’ve got it down to 625. So, hold on to your hats, I’ve got some links for you… Photo :: […]

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Muffin Tin Monday

I get so bored with lunches. I always want to do something fun and yummy. Alas, when 12:00 rolls around I find myself staring at the pantry wondering what to cook. I just have a hard time wanting to dig out all sorts of cooking utensils knowing that I will be pulling them all out […]

Will You Plan My Menu?

I want to do a menu plan this week. But I also don’t want to go grocery shopping. And really, I don’t want to cook. (Wow, am I sounding motivated or what?!) So, I was wondering if you’d help me. I’ve got a good base going on in my freezer. If I give you a […]

My New Favorite

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