Theatre for the Very Young at the Woodruff Arts Center

{my blog is being wonky, if you the pictures aren’t showing up for you, just click HOME and then you should be able to see them. weird.} Remember my horrible puppet-show-at-the-library experience? In short, it was the most age-inappropriate, completely un-thought through children’s show I’ve ever seen. (Well, Staci and I saw one with a […]

father's day card for kids

Vanessa is a regular contributor to Impress Your Kids. She is a stay-at-home mom to an energetic three-year-old, Juliet. They spend their days together reading books, attempting crafts, and occasionally beating tree trunks with large sticks. You can read more about their adventures at Silly Eagle Books With Father’s Day approaching, I have been trying […]

online bible verse craft and activity resource

I struggle with finding good Bible resources for my three-year-old. Usually, the things I see are beyond her developmental stage or are just really boring! So, I was excited to come across this site the other day: ABC, I Believe Christian Homeschooling and More. It offers a comprehensive set of activity ideas, lessons, and printables […]

Teach Your Children To Love The Bible

You might remember that I have an author-reader crush on author Sally Lloyd Jones. She is the author of THE BEST BOOK IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD: The Jesus Storybook Bible. She also authors several other Bible story books one of which is Tiny Bear’s Bible. My son got this as a baby present (or […]

Asa’s Favorite Book

I picked this Sesame Street sign language book at the thrift store when Lydia was little. I love it because it goes through the alphabet and shows signs for every letter and words to go with it. Lydia has read it several times. Now it is Asa’s favorite. He looks at every picture and talks […]

The heart of Saint Patrick

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, everyone!  I have not one lick of Irish in me, but green is my favorite color, and I love the story of the real Saint Patrick, so let’s celebrate! First of all, you need to know the story of the real Saint Patrick.  I’m sad to say I did not know […]

Family Fun Challenge: Curly Bird Quick Craft

I subscribe to Family Fun magazine. And love it. I read each page with oh-my-goodness-why-didn’t-i-think-of-that and always say, “We are SO going to do that.” And then we never do. So. I have decided to challenge myself to do at least one craft or activity from Family Fun every month. Today we made this adorable […]