Easy Chicken Philly

The following is a delicious guest post from my friend and cooking-hero, Tricia from Once A Month Mom! Since Oh Amanda is gallivanting to places I have only dreamed of going, I agreed to give her a guest post. You may have heard Amanda mention me a time or two. Yes, I am the one […]

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Things You Wish You Could See Right Now

Today I have a puzzle for you. You read all of my Top Ten list and then guess what I’m doing today. Ready? Here are your clues: THE TOP TEN THINGS YOU WISH YOU COULD SEE RIGHT NOW 1. Three crockpots plugged in and sitting on the floor of my kitchen. 2. One crockpot filled […]

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Whole Food Recipes

When we first moved into our house, you may remember that I did not have a stove. So, I had to get creative with crock pot and oven only recipes. I would crack open my Everyday Food magazines (the only cooking magazine I get and have actually ever been able to understand) and just stop […]

The Sisterchicks Cook for A Month

I met Trish from Once a Month Mom at Blissdom last year. She had not even started her blog and was at a blog conference AND had some super cute business cards! I was intrigued. It has taken me almost an entire year to actually take the advice of her blog. And what IS her […]