Asa Ace, dotMom and a Word For You

Our roadtrip to Birmingham for the dotMom event started with a birthday celebration for my Ace. We opened airplane gifts, ate at a famous meat-and-three and visited the Southern Museum of Flight. I really didn’t even know what a Flying Ace was before we got to the museum.  I mean, I know Snoopy fights the […]

Stormy Motherhood

I know I’ve written a lot about the fire at my brother’s house. Maybe not a lot of posts, but I’m pretty sure the post I did write was about fourteen feet long. Anyway, I have another post about it up at Motherhood Your Way. After internalizing all that happened, I had a big revelation […]

Every Day…

Every day I wonder if what I’m doing is ok. Is right. Is good. My kids watch TV during breakfast. Should we sit at the table and talk instead? I blog during their naps. And sometimes I surf. And tweet. And ignore my inbox. Should I do the laundry instead? I make dinner at 5pm. […]

I’m Going To Miss Five

At Target this week, Lydia rode in the cart and sang, “I love Mommy! I love Mommy!” at the top of her lungs. She still says “hurted” and “bited“. She gets chocolate peanut butter spread on her cheek and doesn’t notice for hours. She carries her bunny, Flopsy to the store, sleeps with her and […]

You Are Not Alone {giveaway}

Yesterday was one of the worst parenting days I’ve ever had. There was not one time during the day that one of my children was not completely out of control. I was livid by the time my husband came home. In fact, I crawled into the bed as he finished eating dinner and hid until […]

I am a Great Mother!

Before I had children, I was a great mother. I knew the parenting style I wanted and I was ready to go! I knew how my kids would act and how I’d react. I knew the best way to raise my kids and I was ready for the challenge of working it out! Then I […]

Five Minutes.

There’s a picture on my camera I want to tell you about. I’m going to write about it for five minutes. Ready? Set! Go! I didn’t want to go outside again. It’s too cold and I’m too warm-blooded to want to wrap up the kids in layers and plastic baggies and hats and gloves and […]