Class of 2012

My little girl graduated from Kindergarten this week. KINDERGARTEN! I wrote about her first day–how God led us to her school and how we were working on helping my daughter be brave on the first day. It puts tears in my eyes thinking about how important and big and real those feelings were. And now […]

First Day of Kindergarten

This is one of those posts I said I committed to before I decided on a bloggy break. But I’m so glad I did so I could show off my little girl today! Today was the day. FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN. I was pretty nervous that Lydia was going to be well, nervous. But as […]


In just 1 week my little girl will be going to kindergarten. The little bitty that squirmed and wiggled while I put on her footed pajamas will be bringing her lunch to school and wearing a backpack. The tiny girl who signed “Mommy” when she was scared is going to be waving good-bye to me […]

God wants us to be intelligent…

The next page in our “God Wants Me To Be” book taken from our Christian Characteristic Traits list is: Intelligent – Someone who is eager to learn! Proverbs 1:5a says, “Let wise people listen and add to what they have learned.” I love that in God’s eyes it is not our IQ that makes us […]

YOUR TURN: Kindergarten Readiness

With everyone going back to school, I’ve been thinking a lot about…well, school. Lydia is only 3 but she loves loves loves all things school-y. She loves to read, color, write, draw, spell and sing. She loves doing things in order and learning new stuff. (Do you love my descriptive words—“things” and “stuff”?) She’s got […]