Every Day…

Every day I wonder if what I’m doing is ok. Is right. Is good. My kids watch TV during breakfast. Should we sit at the table and talk instead? I blog during their naps. And sometimes I surf. And tweet. And ignore my inbox. Should I do the laundry instead? I make dinner at 5pm. […]

Four Friends, A Roof & Jesus

A few days ago I had a memory of a story I used to tell when my husband and I traveled to camps and churches for special kids’ events. It’s not something I made up, but I think I perfected it pretty well. I thought you would like it–either to show your kids or to […]

The Spotless Lamb

Do you get Thriving Family magazine? It’s a publication of Focus on the Family–filled with parenting and marriage guidance and fun stuff to do with your kids.  This month they had a whole week of Easter/Resurrection crafts and activities to do with your kids.  We picked one of them to do yesterday–first we read 1 […]

Be My Everything

We sang this at our {new} church yesterday. My prayers and thoughts are in {} below… God in my living {of course. that’s easy.} There in my breathing {hmmm. like every second of the day?} God in my waking {eww. like when I don’t want to get up for #hellomornings.} God in my sleeping {He […]

Salvation for Kids: Part 1

I have been thinking about this Salvation series for two weeks now. And the more I think about it, the more nervous I get. I have never been shy about posting about Jesus on my personal blog–but the one time I did a real “theology” post it was so nerve-wracking I never did it again! […]

A Blood Stained Piece of Wood

I’m reading the BEST book for my #hellomornings. It’s called Treasured by Leigh McLeroy. It’s actually a book I got to review and uhm…never did. But here I am a few weeks months years later reading it and lovin’ it! {Note to PR folks: Do not give me books.} Every chapter is about an object […]

Scripture ABCs: Letter Z

Well, I’ve finally updated you on all our “lost” ABC scritpures and crafts! A through M was pre-blog and it was really fun to revisit those verses and crafts. *whew* I’d definitely do some of them differently now. But I’m also amazed at how many of those verses we still talk about and repeat today! […]