A Holiday Exchange: Giveaway!

My Favorite Christmas Tradition When I was in middle school, my mom gave my brother and me a miniature Christmas tree. Every year we were given one ornament to put on the tree. The idea was that when we went to college or moved out we’d have our own tree full of ornaments and Christmas […]

father's day card for kids

Vanessa is a regular contributor to Impress Your Kids. She is a stay-at-home mom to an energetic three-year-old, Juliet. They spend their days together reading books, attempting crafts, and occasionally beating tree trunks with large sticks. You can read more about their adventures at Silly Eagle Books With Father’s Day approaching, I have been trying […]

The heart of Saint Patrick

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, everyone!  I have not one lick of Irish in me, but green is my favorite color, and I love the story of the real Saint Patrick, so let’s celebrate! First of all, you need to know the story of the real Saint Patrick.  I’m sad to say I did not know […]

using books to tell your kids "I love you"

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I have been trying to choose books about love for my daughter, Juliet, and I to read together each night. I want her to know how deeply and unconditionally I love her and also how God’s love for her far surpasses my own great love. As I looked at our shelves […]

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Best Gifts Given or Recieved This Christmas

1. Vtech Tote and Go Laptop The way Lydia loves her new pink plastic laptop makes me wonder if I love my laptop too much! Here she is emailing my cousin from California. “Mommy! Everyone keeps emailing me because I got a new computer!” 2. Mary Poppins on Broadway The last two years, my in-laws […]

Handmade Teachers Gifts (*and a Nestle Giveaway!*)

It’s Christmas! LIKE FOR REAL. I’ve decorated the house, I’ve bought presents (well, most of them) and even hosted a Christmas party. But I still haven’t sent out Christmas cards. Or made teacher’s gifts. The only teachers in Lydia’s life are her teachers at church (she goes to two services on Sunday) and her ballet […]

Nestle Family Holiday GIVEAWAY!

Our 10th Annual Sisterchick Party was last week. (Recap coming at some point before 2010, I hope.) The above picture is all our desserts. Yes, they are on the floor. Becky made Pioneer Woman’s Prune Cake, Mandi and Staci made Christmas Crack and there were about 12 other dishes I can’t remember in my sugar-induced […]