Raising Your Kids To Love the Lord

I collect parenting books. It doesn’t mean I read them all. But I do collect them. Maybe it makes me feel like a better parent just owning them? Maybe I’ll learn by osmosis? Anywhoo. I got an email from Tommy Nelson a few weeks ago about a new parenting book. I wasn’t going to review […]

Relaxing & Reading {A Nook & Nestle Giveaway!}

This weekend was Camp Primo! For the uninitiated, that’s my parents’ Grandparent/Cousin camp. They take all the grandkids on a 3 day trip complete with creek-stomping, campfires and arts & crafts! But the most important thing for you to notice about this is that I DO NOT HAVE ANY CHILDREN WITH ME. My husband and […]

Princess & The Pop Star {*giveaway*}

Sometimes I get tired of Christian kids’ shows and books. It’s like they try so hard to tell a story or teach a moral that it becomes trite and over-spiritual. And sometimes, especially as a mom of a preschooler, I feel like the story lines are a little too old. I don’t want my daughter […]

You Are Not Alone {giveaway}

Yesterday was one of the worst parenting days I’ve ever had. There was not one time during the day that one of my children was not completely out of control. I was livid by the time my husband came home. In fact, I crawled into the bed as he finished eating dinner and hid until […]

Veggie Tales: Happy Together

We got a new TV. It’s one of those big flat screen thingies that you hang on the wall. It is pretty impressive. Since we’ve had our old TV (the only one we have in our house) for over 12 years we thought it was time to upgrade! The very first thing we broke out […]


Snowflake Specimen Art from Racks and Mooby {your kids could make this as a gift!} 7 True Things About You from Kat at Inspired to Action {so beautiful!} Chinaberry {a bookstore focusing on positive kids’ books} Holiday Healthy Snacks for Kids from Delicious Ambiguity {SO CUTE} Spotlight at Make and Takes {a new awesome place […]

Christmas Party Theme Ideas {*giveaway*}

If you’ve been around here long you know I love me a good party. In fact, Lydia’s birthday party is less than a month away and I’ve got it all figured out. In fact, I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about it and had to get it up to write all […]