My Kids Are Funny: Top Ten {Tuesday}

The older Asa gets, the funnier he gets. The older Lydia gets, the more grown up-funny she gets. I regularly have to bite my tongue so as to not laugh at their adorableness. Here’s a few things from yesterday that made me laugh out loud (out of their earshot, of course)… THE TOP TEN THINGS […]

A Thanksgiving Mad Lib

The blog has been too quiet! Last weekend, our family went to Savannah to visit my husband’s grandmother (remember his Grandfather died a few months ago) and to a family reunion. Our internet access was limited sometimes impressing your kids (and family) means not running around the house with your laptop in the air trying […]

Giving Up on a Perfect Halloween: 7 Bible Halloween Costumes

We’re not doing Halloween this year. Lydia is just too fearful. And I’m just too tired to deal with screams over cotton spiderwebs. I’ve been thinking about it a lot and if you’re interested, there are some SUPER FAB posts by some SUPER FAB guest bloggers (and one by moi) about Halloween over at Impress […]

Where Have I Gone Wrong?!

Lydia: “Mommy, I like Mickey Mouse better than Jesus.” Me: “Lydia, Mickey is pretend. Jesus is real.” Lydia: “Oh, well. What I meant to say is I like Mickey AND Jesus.”

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Stuff I Keep Forgetting To Tell You Part 2: Atlanta Botanical Gardens

It’s your lucky day! We’ve got two posts in one, folks. Part 2 of my amazing new series entitled, Stuff I Keep Forgetting To Tell You coupled with my weekly Top Ten {Tuesday} Carnival! Can you stand it? Well, let’s get to it. Here are my TOP TEN PICTURES FROM MY MOST RECENT TRIP TO […]