Bliss*Tastic Week 3: Andrea from Mommy Snacks: Limitations, or not, of a Niche

Are you lovin’ these bliss*tastic posts? Well, I am! Enter Andrea from Mommy Snacks. Read what she has to say about niche blogging… I met Amanda last year on our trip as #magicalmoms to Walt Disney World. I can honestly say I feel blessed to have met her and get to know her. We have […]

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and My Sleep Schedule

**updated with etsy deals!** I was invited to go to the outlet mall at midnight. Yes, stay up all night after Thanksgiving and be at the outlet mall at midnight for them to open so I can beat down 458,385 other people to get a good deal on some baby pajamas. I just don’t have […]

The Sisterchicks Cook for A Month

I met Trish from Once a Month Mom at Blissdom last year. She had not even started her blog and was at a blog conference AND had some super cute business cards! I was intrigued. It has taken me almost an entire year to actually take the advice of her blog. And what IS her […]

Thrift Store Book Store

I have recently begun perusing the thrift store. I’ve been looking for cheap playing cards to use as decor at Asa’s upcoming birthday party. I have not been successful. Why doesn’t anyone donate playing cards?!! If you find any let me know. The cheapest I can find them is about $.60 at Oriental Trading Company. […]

Stuff I Keep Forgetting To Tell You Part 3: TJMaxx Marshalls Spendervention Challenge

Remember my TJMaxx Spendervention Challenge? I was given a $25 giftcard to TJMaxx and a $25 giftcard to Marshall’s. I gave the Marshall’s card to my husband. Then I challenged him to save more money than me. If you remember I saved between $78 and $102. THAT IS PRETTY STINKIN’ GOOD. My husband is a […]

TJMaxx Spendervention (Part 1)

A few weeks ago the good people at TJMaxx and Marshalls asked if I would like to help them with their SPENDERVENTION push. They said they’d send me two giftcards to do a shopping experiment. UHM. Giftcard? TJMAXX? I’m there! So, I decided to play a little game and have a contest with my husband. […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Frugal Disney Vacation

Hello gentle readers! It’s been like FIVE days since I’ve been on my computer! Someone check my pulse. I’m dyin’ over here. Anyway, I ran out to the Mac store today to buy a new power cord. The old one looks like it had been snipped in half…airport security perhaps?! Anyway, it’s over halfway through […]