How To Make Ice Cream In a Bag

When Leigh and I were discussing doing a Summer Camp theme I told her I wanted to make ice cream in the ground. I knew I had heard of this and was going to try it. I looked it up online and could not find it anywhere! That’s when I remembered…it wasn’t ICE CREAM in […]

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Whole Food Recipes

When we first moved into our house, you may remember that I did not have a stove. So, I had to get creative with crock pot and oven only recipes. I would crack open my Everyday Food magazines (the only cooking magazine I get and have actually ever been able to understand) and just stop […]

My New Favorite

Photo :: :: :: Told Ya So (Asa two hours after yesterday’s post.) Bloggy Friend That Needs Our Prayers :: :: :: Izzy and Annie Mama With Her Hands Full :: :: :: Quatro Mama Valentine for The Pirate :: :: :: Arrrr You Ready For Some… by Mer Mag Blog I Should Have Shared […]

Handmade Teachers Gifts (*and a Nestle Giveaway!*)

It’s Christmas! LIKE FOR REAL. I’ve decorated the house, I’ve bought presents (well, most of them) and even hosted a Christmas party. But I still haven’t sent out Christmas cards. Or made teacher’s gifts. The only teachers in Lydia’s life are her teachers at church (she goes to two services on Sunday) and her ballet […]

Nestle Family Holiday GIVEAWAY!

Our 10th Annual Sisterchick Party was last week. (Recap coming at some point before 2010, I hope.) The above picture is all our desserts. Yes, they are on the floor. Becky made Pioneer Woman’s Prune Cake, Mandi and Staci made Christmas Crack and there were about 12 other dishes I can’t remember in my sugar-induced […]

The Sisterchicks Cook

Usually when my sisterchicks try to get together for a Girls Night Out–no matter how easy or elaborate, it requires a lot of emails. A LOT. You know, Where should we go? I don’t care. Wherever you wanna go. I already went there. It was ok. Oh, well, how about this place? Or maybe here? […]