The Pine Tree Parable & Christmas Tree Fun

For Asa’s part of homeschooling, I’m taking a page from Five in a Row and reading the same book to him every single day for a week. Then we do activities based on that book. This week we’re doing one of my very favorite Christmas books, The Pine Tree Parableby Liz Curtis Higgs. I’ve blogged […]

A Holiday Exchange: Giveaway!

My Favorite Christmas Tradition When I was in middle school, my mom gave my brother and me a miniature Christmas tree. Every year we were given one ornament to put on the tree. The idea was that when we went to college or moved out we’d have our own tree full of ornaments and Christmas […]

How to Wrap and Detangle Christmas Lights!

I know, I’ve posted this at least once on my blog before. I can’t help it. This is by far the best packing up tip ever!  If you are a REAL Christmas fan and have a REAL Christmas tree decked out with multiple strands of lights, then you need to know this! All you do […]