Little Drummer Boy

I know I’ve mentioned Veggie Tale’s new Little Drummer Boymovie a few times since Veggie Tales sponsored my trip to Relevant. (I still can’t stop laughing every time I think of that If You Give a Blogger a Drum video.) We even had an interview about Little Drummer Boy with Mike Nawrocki, co-founder of Veggie […]

Orange Conference 2012 (*giveaway*)

Remember when I went to The Orange Conference last year? It’s a big conference that helps churches and parents link arms and raise their kids for Jesus. My friend Mary and I went together and it was so fun to see all the different resources and meet all the different organization and pastors who were […]

Seeds of Character: World Premiere!

I’ve told you how much we love Seeds Family Worship. The modern family worship CDs have helped us memorize so much scripture and put it into our daily lives. It’s awesome how many times I hear my kids humming or singing scripture to themselves. So, I’m excited to be part of a blog tour to […]

Palm Palms Dance Party!

Yesterday was a crazy day and we didn’t get to do the Palm Sunday stuff I wanted to do. But it wasn’t a big deal because at church they had real palm branches and did a parade through the hall. Asa thought he was at Disney World he was so excited. They talked about it […]

Kids Music Playlist: BRAVE

Since Lydia’s recent new fear, we’ve been pumping her (and our house) full of God’s Word. I made a BRAVE playlist for my iPod and thought I’d share it with you. If you don’t have some of these CDs, they might be great for Easter baskets! Refuge & Strength from Seeds of Courage {based on […]

Go Fish Guys

The front cover of Clubhouse Jr this month is three dads who call themselves the Go Fish Guys. They make music–CDs, DVDs and even VBS curriculum! They are hosting a contest with Clubhouse Jr about creativity–kids can write, draw or even make a song. The winner gets a trip to see Go Fish live! Lydia […]

LOVE Necklaces {Valentine's Day and John 3:16!}

source: michael david Yesterday we were listening to Psalty’s Heart to Change the World CD. Yes, it was produced in the late 80’s. Yes, it features a great big blue singing songbook. Yes, we listen to it and love it. If you want your kids to listen to KIDS music that is full of Scripture […]