Camp Primo 2012

The absolute highlight of the kids’ summer is Camp Primo. This is the cousin camp my parents plan (and execute) every year. It’s just for the grandkids–all three of them. And the details of the trip are highly confidential. That is, until the Camp Primo Parent Program on the last day. I can’t really give […]

Relaxing & Reading {A Nook & Nestle Giveaway!}

This weekend was Camp Primo! For the uninitiated, that’s my parents’ Grandparent/Cousin camp. They take all the grandkids on a 3 day trip complete with creek-stomping, campfires and arts & crafts! But the most important thing for you to notice about this is that I DO NOT HAVE ANY CHILDREN WITH ME. My husband and […]

How To Have The Best Cousin/Grandkid Camp EVER

I am so excited to share this special guest post from…MY MOM! My mom, Cindy Hunnicutt has been a Children’s Pastor for almost 30 years, she’s a creative crafter, writer and dramatist. She’s also a fun mom, grandmother and friend! Today she’s going to share about her philosophy on “Cousin Camp” or as they call […]

How To Keep Your Kids Attention With Bingo. For Real.

I’ve told you about Camp Primo? That’s Cousin Camp or Grandma Camp to the uninformed. My parents host Camp Primo every summer for all two of their grandkids. To add to the fun, they host a Camp Primo Retreat in the fall/winter. This year it was Camp Primo: The Winter Wonderland Retreat. They strung their […]

Camp Primo (And a Moses Snack!)

Camp Primo 2009 Every summer since my daughter was 1, my parents have hosted Camp Primo. It’s a special two-day camp just for their grandchildren…all two of them. They never tell us exactly what they are going to do because it’s just a special time for them to hang out with their grandkids. But it’s […]