Raising Your Kids To Love the Lord

I collect parenting books. It doesn’t mean I read them all. But I do collect them. Maybe it makes me feel like a better parent just owning them? Maybe I’ll learn by osmosis? Anywhoo. I got an email from Tommy Nelson a few weeks ago about a new parenting book. I wasn’t going to review […]

The Story of The Story

{Michael and me at the Fox Theatre!} A few weeks ago, I got a direct-message on Twitter from my friend, Michael from World Vision. He’s the guy that led us on our blogging trip to the Dominican Republic. He normally leads big-time artists on trips and he’s super well-connected in the Christian Music industry. So, […]

A is for ASK: Prayer Banner

The first time I went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom I was enthralled with the banners and flags that hung in the land of Asia. We finally asked about them and were told that in some Asian traditions, people would hang flags up with pictures of their prayer requests so the wind could carry their prayers […]

The King’s Christmas List

Last night the four of us snuggled on the couch with hot chocolate (chocolate milk in a sippy cup for Asa) and some catalogs. We were looking for Christmas gifts. Were the kids making their Christmas lists with Toys R Us catalogs? Nope. We had the Samaritan’s Purse and World Vision gift catalogs. We were […]

Creation Inspirations {Birds of Paradise & Ribbon Dances!}

It’s a fairly simple craft. All you need is a stick of some sort (we used old paint sticks) and some leftover ribbons (I save them from everything!). I glued, stapled and tied them to the end of the stick. The other end was held tightly by my kids. And suddenly they were not so […]

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Books I’m Reading Right Now

I have often told you how I love to read. Sadly, I don’t read as often as I’d like. In fact, I usually do something that normally I would deem only a NON book lover owuld do—I read several books at a time. Or rather, I start several books. So, it takes me like 3 […]

Asa’s Favorite Book

I picked this Sesame Street sign language book at the thrift store when Lydia was little. I love it because it goes through the alphabet and shows signs for every letter and words to go with it. Lydia has read it several times. Now it is Asa’s favorite. He looks at every picture and talks […]