Miscellany: How I Write a Blog Post {Part 10}

We made it! The last and final stop in our How *I* Write a Blog Post series! I hope you haven’t been bored out of your mind. I hope it has been helpful. I kinda liked writing it. I’m intrigued by blogging and social media so I love talking about it. I want to end […]

Pinterest: How *I* Write a Blog Post {Part 9}

Pin It Ahh, Pinterest! The newest site to take Social Media by storm. If for some reason you’re under a rock and haven’t heard of it, it’s a beautiful website that mimics a pinboard. You find cool images, posts, articles or websites online and pin them on your own boards. I have boards for food […]

Twitter: How *I* Write a Blog Post {Part 8}

Do you like the way it takes me almost 20 days to do a 10 part series? Me, too. Anywhoo, welcome back to How *I* Write a Blog Post. Where were we? Oh yeah! We’ve written our post and are tryin’ to get it OUT there. After I facebook it, I tweet it. Now, I […]

Groups & Tribes {Finding Support in the Blogosphere}

Well, hello, Tuesday! Are we here already? I’m super excited today because I’m collaborating with a group of fabulous {crafty} bloggers {who are totally out of my league} on a series called, Grow Your Blog! Pretty appropriate since we are in the middle of a blogging series here, aptly (and predictably titled), How *I* Write […]

Amazon Affiliate Tutorial {How I Write a Blog Post: Part 6b}

Pin It alternate title: THIS IS WHAT I DO FOR YOU!! alternate alternate title: DO YOU SEE HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU? alternate alternate alternate title: WHY AMANDA’S LAUNDRY STILL ISN’T FINISHED {subscribers click over to see my very first screencast!} Part 7: Facebook for Bloggers

Monetize It: How I Write a Blog Post {Part 6}

To monetize means TO MAKE MONEY ON YOUR BLOG. Yes, it’s possible without private sponsors or paychecks from big companies. You can do affiliate marketing on almost every post. Ready to hear how I monetize my posts? Monetizing New Posts When I write a post I see as evergreen content (any of my party posts, […]

SEO: How *I* Write a Blog Post Part 5–Top Ten {Tuesday} Style!

Have you been following along with my How *I* Write a Blog Post series? Well, it originally started as a crazy-long Top Ten {Tuesday} post which I turned into a series. I’m basically outlining every single detail of what I do when I write a post. It’s a nice step-by-step series if you’re a newbie […]