I am a Great Mother!

Before I had children, I was a great mother. I knew the parenting style I wanted and I was ready to go! I knew how my kids would act and how I’d react. I knew the best way to raise my kids and I was ready for the challenge of working it out! Then I […]

My New Favorite

Photo :: :: :: Lydia and Asa coloring together. Partnership :: :: :: Me and Life…Your Way {Mandi from Organizing Your Way is launching a new and amazing site called Life Your Way which covers everything from green living to blogging to motherhood to finances. And I’m going to be one of two contributors on […]

Blog Hop 2010

Every once in awhile there’s a fun blog party* that asks you to introduce yourself in a blog post. These posts are hard to write. Because, I’ve already written an About Me page. It’s full of all kinds of hogwash information. And every single day I write drivel inspiring posts from my everyday life. So, […]


Good morning, lovely bloghoppers! Welcome to Impress Your Kids! And just what is this blog all about? Well, it started as an online journal. I chronicled the activities I did with my daughter to teach her about God. We memorized verses, made crafts and read books. I used all of this to point her to […]

Seven Links Challenge: Top Ten {Tuesday}

A few days ago (maybe weeks?) Darren at ProBlogger posted a little blogging exercise: The Seven Links Challenge. He gave seven prompts about your blog–links to find out more about yourself and your blog. I starred it in my reader and decided to give it a whirl…of course, I had to add #8-10. So, hopefully […]


I am loving these thank-you-mom posts inspired by theMotherhood and P&G’s ThankYouMom.com! As I was deciding who to thank, I knew it had to be someone who had not just inspired me as a blogger (because there are many of those) and not just inspired me as a mother (I have many non-blogger mom heroes), […]

Thank You Mucho

Remember back in the bloggy day when bloggers would hand out awards to their favorite bloggers? I remember the first one I got: The Thinking Blogger Award (Who in the blue blazes gave me THAT?). Anywhoo…I haven’t seen those around the blogsphere lately (maybe it’s just because no one wants to give me one?! yikes!) […]