The Story of The Story

{Michael and me at the Fox Theatre!} A few weeks ago, I got a direct-message on Twitter from my friend, Michael from World Vision. He’s the guy that led us on our blogging trip to the Dominican Republic. He normally leads big-time artists on trips and he’s super well-connected in the Christian Music industry. So, […]

Read The Bible Together {31 Days: Day 23}

I love reading to my kids. Buying books for them is my one vice. I so want them to love to read and to turn to books for entertainment before anything else! As trite as it sounds the book I want them to love the most is the Bible. As a child the Bible can […]

Get In The Word {31 Days: Day 11}

What’s that saying about being a leader? Something about looking behind you and making sure someone is actually following you? I think about that a lot with my kids. Am I someone they can follow? The only way I’ll be the type of person worthy of following is like Paul, I follow Jesus: Follow my […]

An Instruction Manual For Your Kids

When my husband reads bedtime stories to my son, he usually picks between two books, God Loves Me More Than That or The Big Red Tractor and the Little Village. Sometimes its because they are both are short and have great modern illustrations. Or it might be because they are both focused on boys. But […]

Be My Everything

We sang this at our {new} church yesterday. My prayers and thoughts are in {} below… God in my living {of course. that’s easy.} There in my breathing {hmmm. like every second of the day?} God in my waking {eww. like when I don’t want to get up for #hellomornings.} God in my sleeping {He […]

Nehemiah's Wall {giveaway}

We have read The Jesus Storybook Bibleso many times that sadly, my kids think THAT is the Bible. And there are some Bible stories they don’t know because we’ve never read them! I’m always on the lookout for new Bible storybooks that aren’t too cheesy or watered down. This week I got the The Beginning […]

Salvation for Kids: Part 2

It’s Valentine’s Day. The day to show love to others. The best example of true love is when God gave his Son, Jesus to us. John 3:16 says that God loved the whole WORLD so he GAVE His Son. The whole world includes every person from all time. Every tribe. Every tongue. Every race. Every […]