Apple Print Bags

It’s 4:25 in the afternoon. And my kids are in the bathtub. Why? Because Asa had a little accident during his nap. Which has not happened in months. Of course, I had just put his newly laundered comforter on his bed the day before. So, we’re off to wash every piece of bedding again. *sigh* […]

Johnny Appleseed

Since we are inundated with apples, I have been racking my brain for more apple activities. Especially that I might be able to finagle a meaning or truth to go with it. As my brain shuffled through all my stored up apple knowledge (this took about 12 seconds) I remembered Johnny Appleseed! Remember the song? […]

Apple of My Eye

We went to an apple orchard on Saturday. It was so beautiful to see all the trees full of apples. But it was more fun to pick and eat them! We picked a peck of apples (whatever that is) and then bought 2 more bushels. If you don’t know how many apples that is…well, let […]