Lost Season Premiere. And the End of My Brain.

Are you even believin’ last night? I’m equal parts overjoyed and depressed. Overjoyed because Lost is back but depressed because I don’t really like the trajectory of last night’s reality (realities). Mainly, Locke. And Sawyer. And Juliet. Read my full recap at the Disney Blog and then TALK TO ME!


Yes. Blissdom has consumed my blog for the last few days & weeks. But NOW. Oh, it is the premiere of LOST. The FINAL SEASON of LOST is upon us! *moment of silence* So, in honor of all things Losty, I now present to you MY TOP TEN FAVORITE LOST THINGS. (Man, I’m articulate!) 1.The […]

LOST: The Final Season

I have a tiny little intro post to Lost’s final season over at The Disney Blog. And two points to whoever can guess what my Top Ten is going to be about tomorrow… :: :: ::

Alphabet Scripture Verses: A to Z

Pin It Have you been looking for some scriptures and activities to do with your child that also correspond to the alphabet? One reason I started Impress Your Kids is because as I scoured the internet, I couldn’t find a list of alphabetical scriptures that worked for a 2 year old! I finally put them […]

Shine: Paint Your Own Tshirt with a Stencil

A few millenia ago when we started our Y verse, I wanted to do something that would help Lydia understand what it means to be a light. It’s a hard concept to articulate. Finally I decided on the old stand-by: a Christian Tshirt! Ha! Supplies: tshirt fabric paints (I just got all the clearance ones […]

What We Usually Do

Each week, here’s what I try to do. I’m not “homeschooling” her every day or anything. I just try to integrate our verse & letter into about 3 different activities across 3 different days. If I actually get all 3 of these things done I feel VERY VERY accomplished. Each post following this one will […]