101…77…er, a BUNCH of Super Summer Activities

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Today was Lydia’s first full day at her first real spend-the-night camp. And I made it all through the day without sobbing or missing her too badly. (Are you proud of me?) I’ve got more send-your-kid-to-camp info coming up but I wanna go back in time to last week when Lydia had a fever for […]

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Just a Little Fun for Your Summer Day…

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My Lydia has a fever today. Just a little one but she was supposed to go to her Grammy’s house today and now we’re sitting on the couch watching Special Agent Oso reruns. She’s pretty bummed. To cheer her up, I let her pick out something for YOU! Remember how much we love our U-Neeks? In […]

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A Secret Wish

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  I met Robin Jones Gunn yesterday. If that doesn’t put a little pitter-patter in your heart, it’s because you haven’t read any of her books. Robin Jones Gunn is one of my legitimate heroes and long-distance mentors (which means, she didn’t even know that I was on the planet, but she’s mentored me through her […]

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Books I’d Put On a Summer Reading List

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I’m a sucker for the kids’ summer reading programs. All the bookstores have them, the libraries and even banks. Some of the programs let you read whatever you want, then turn your list in for a prize. Others give you a list of books to read. I usually like this because I get to discover […]

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Spreading Community

social media: spreading communities

Back in the bloggy day, whenever I’d have an especially productive morning, I’d sit at the table with my laptop and breakfast and write about what I’d accomplished while the kids were eating breakfast and watching TV. If you searched my archives, you’d find several posts of me being happy and proud about a well-oiled […]

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How To Write a Review Post

declare collage

Remember how I spoke at the Declare Conference last year? I so super love the Declare ladies. Honestly, if you are a newbie blogger, a wannabe blogger or an old-timer, I highly recommend this conference. It’s small, it’s full of real topics and the heart will reach out and grab you. (Does that sound creepy? Well, […]

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I Love Me a Good Stuffed Animal

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Are your kids into stuffed animals? My kids would probably be happy if their only toys were stuffed animals. They carry them around, set them up, play with them, dump them all over the floor and sleep with them. I guess they get it honestly when I had long love for Care Bears and stuffed […]

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