Why I’m Not a Craft Blogger

dragon craft 1

You know, when I first started blogging my craft-y adventures with my kids, I thought my blog might turn into a craft blog. That I might be able to hang with Make and Takes or Inner Child Fun. Alas, I have discovered that really, I’m just a crafty wannabe. I love all the Pinterest-worthy, etsy-licious […]

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Dragon Themed Books for Little Dragon Lovers

dragon books collage.jpg copy

One of my favorite parts of Dragon Week was the books! Oh, the books! We spent several hours at the library hunting for any and all dragon books. I taught Asa how to search by author and the Dewey Decimal system (ok, I may be a bit rusty at that part) and we had so […]

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Dragon Week

how to train your tongue book 1

After our first big day of Dragon Week (the Dragon Book and the movie), we spent the next few mornings working on new verses for our Dragon Book. At first I thought I’d focus on lying, complaining, arguing or harsh words. But after I started looking at more scriptures, I came across a few prayers […]

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Make Your Own Dragon Book: Dragon Week

Dragon Week at ohAmanda.com // Fun Bible activities and devotions based on James 3 and How To Train Your Dragon 2

Dragon week is here! Well, it won’t really be a whole week here on the blog, but it was a whole week with my son! Every day that my daughter was at camp, Asa and I did some kind of dragon-themed activity based on How To Train Your Dragon 2 and James 3! The first […]

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How To Train Your Dragon 2: Family Discussion Guide

family discussion guide for how to train your dragon 2 // ohamanda.com

Earlier this year, when we started talking about sending Lydia to camp, I knew I’d have to come up with some awesome shtick to make Asa un-sad about being left out of the big camp experience. Somehow we realized that How To Train Your Dragon 2 was coming out semi-close to camp and I decided […]

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Preparing Your Anxious Child for Summer Camp

preparing your child for camp

Summer camp is one of my favorite things ever. There’s a fabulous mix of independence, fun adventures and new experiences. Coupled with God’s amazing creation it’s an escapade every child should have. But when you have a child that is fearful, shy, worried, anxious or sensitive, sending them off to camp might as well be the […]

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101…77…er, a BUNCH of Super Summer Activities

oac clubhouse magazine

Today was Lydia’s first full day at her first real spend-the-night camp. And I made it all through the day without sobbing or missing her too badly. (Are you proud of me?) I’ve got more send-your-kid-to-camp info coming up but I wanna go back in time to last week when Lydia had a fever for […]

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