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Welcome to ohAmanda.com

Hello there! Welcome to ohAmanda.

This is the place where I get to share the things that make my heart pitter-patter. No, not good books and long walks on the beach (although that doesn’t sound too bad). For me, my heart gets pumping when I talk about leading my kids to Jesus. Yeah. Like how to help them fall in love with the Bible, be excited to serve others and ultimately follow God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.

As a always-feel-like-a-new-mom, it’s easy to fall into the whole well-I-don’t-really-know-what-I’m-doing-so-I’ll-just-leave-it-to-professionals-and-drop-my-kids-off-at-church-every-once-in-awhile when it comes to raising kids.

But I think God has a different idea.

I think God made me to be my kids’ mom.
I think God loves my kid as much as he loves me or Billy Graham or needy kids in Africa.
I think God has given me everything I need to lead my kid to Him.
I think God has a journey for me to take with my kid–a journey to Him and His plans.

(And the same goes for you, too!)

And I don’t think it’s as hard as it sounds. I think this journey looks different for everyone but it also has some key elements involved:

1. Sitting.
2. Walking.
3. Lying down.
4. Getting out of bed
5. Talking.

Ha! Not what you thought is it? See, God is so cool! He’s laid out exactly how to lead our kids to Him!

free printable download from NaptimeDiaries.com & ohamanda.com

click this image–it’s a free download from NaptimeDiaries.com & me!

Did you read that graphic? If not, go back and read it word for word. It’s God’s super-duper-simple-plan for raising your kids. And that’s what this blog is. I like to think of fun and creative ways (and as easy as walking and talking) to impress God’s Word on your kid’s heart.  I want to help you make memories, have conversations and plant seeds that will be a firm foundation for your child’s life.

Here, let me show you what I mean. Here’s some of my favorite posts and ideas about leading your kids to Jesus and taking this journey with them:

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The Parable of the Sower

Now. Can I show you some pictures of my family?! (This is the part where if there was no internet, I’d be dragging pictures out of my wallet.)

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 3.36.48 PM

My husband, Les and I have been married for so many years that I have now known my husband longer than not known him. That’s freaky. He’s a strong man who owns a few businesses and works hard for his family.

duct tape tshirt crafts 3

My daughter, Lydia is in 3rd grade and loves to read, chooses Anna over Elsa, dreams of  Disney World, thinks about Operation Christmas Child all year long and is excited every time the American Girl doll catalog shows up in our mailbox.


My son, Asa is in kindergarten and loves to play secret agent as much as he likes to play puppy. He loves legos, stuffed animals and his mama (oh yes, he does!). He never stops smiling and has a good time everywhere he goes.

We also have a dog named Jack. But I don’t want to talk about him.

Now. I think it’s time for the professional bloggy street cred info. (I know you’ve been dying to hear this!)


I’ve been blogging since 2005 and have worked with Disney, Pampers, Nestle, the Four Seasons, Veggie Tales, Samaritan’s Purse, World Vision and so many beautiful mom-and-pops I can’t name them all.

I’ve been a contributing writer to the Thomas Nelson blog, The Disney Blog, Life Your Way, The MOB Society, the Declare Conference and currently write for Million Praying Women and Missional Women.

I have even done some speaking about blogging and motherhood at The Declare Conference and the Allume Conference.

I’m a member of the Disney World Mom’s Panel (Which is kinda cool, really. My face is on the Disney site for goodness sakes!).

I also love doing podcasts and contribute regularly to the God Centered Mom podcast about family-friendly (and not-so-family friendly) movies.

But my favorite bloggy venture?

In 2010, I released Truth in the Tinsel: an Advent Experience for Little Hands. It’s been used by over 24,000 families and is really and truly an amazing Christmas tradition. (Way better than that scary elf, I can tell you that!) If you haven’t added it to your holiday celebration, you need to!


So. After 690-something words, do you think we should be friends? (If you made it this far, we are definitely friends!)

I’d love for you to subscribe to my monthly newsletter to keep up with me (+ you’ll get my free ebook, Praying God’s Word for Your Kids).

If you’re social media savvy like that, check me out on one of your favorite sites–I’m partial to Instagram. With Twitter as a close second. Then pretty Pinterest. And lastly, Facebook. I’d love to see you there!


Yup. That’s me and Jesus. I’m friends with Him, too.


  1. You were at Church of Highlands? I go there!! Birmingham right? Is this the same church?? WOW! What a small world!

  2. Okay, you are SO pretty. I covet your big blue eyes.

  3. Ok…this is a really weird picture of you, Amanda! LOL

  4. Looks like you’re sportin’ a bit of a ‘tude, here!:-)

  5. Found your blog through FMF. Where have you been all my life?
    Good stuff. Bummed that you turned of your FMF post comments, I had a compliment all ready for ya! :)

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    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  7. Oh, hi, Amanda!

    We did Truth in the Tinsel for the first time this Christmas and I’ve been watching your site and blog since then.

    What caught my attention today was your post about Monthly Missions! How exciting. I read lots of Christian mommy-types of blogs, but I can’t think of one that talks much about missions. I know life gets busy, but we’ve got a big hole in our hearts, our faith and our Bibles if we’re skipping over the commission we were given.

    I’m currently serving in Haiti with my family. I am teaching English and my husband and I lead an organization called Hoops for Haiti. (hoopsforhaiti.org)

    Maybe you get lots of requests from other organizations to be featured in your Monthly Missions?? I dunno. But, would you consider us? Please let me know if you have any questions!

    Blessings! Sarah Aubry

  8. You truly have a beautiful family, as well as, a great side profile. :-) Stumbled across your blog, so I’m just taking a peek of your world here. Just lovely!

  9. Amanda,
    I just found your blog via Live Laugh Rowe blog. I have enjoyed looking around. Quick question????? Do you draw your own cute little graphic people that are on your site? I love them, and was just curious if you did them yourself. If so, great job!!! I do some of my own “stick figure” type drawings for my site, and really was impressed with your cute figures.
    Off to look around more. Have a great day…
    Pam @ The Patriotic Pam

  10. Leah Dion says:


    I am about to start the armor of God with my son. I have a castle themed advent calendar for Playmobil. Instead of using it during Advent, I decided to do it now, and use it to teach the Armor. I have been “collecting” your armor series but I did not see the Shield of FAith, Helmet, or the Sword. I might have missed them. I wonder if you have them all together on a certain email or page for easy access. I am subscribed to your monthly email.
    I have really really enjoyed your Easter activities. WE did a combination of Sense of the Resurrection, Uneaster baskets, and homemade Resurrection eggs. Plus I did my own adaptation of the REsurrection (or grace) garden with stepping stones to the cross. Each was a little clear stone with a picture that represented a story about Jesus (miracle, parable, etc.) We picked one out each day and read the story, then placed it in the garden as a stepping stone to the cross. Anyway thank you for all your ideas. I look forward to finding the Fruit of the Spirit lessons and doing those a little later.


  11. Do you ever ‘critique’ blogs? I read about your blog at ‘how they blog’ and would love to hire you (?) to critique my blog if you do! I love yours and would love to learn from you!!! :)


  12. Hi,

    My name is John and I have a quick question about your blog! Could you please email me?

    Thank you,


  13. Brian Schultz says:

    Nice site. I often visit my family in South Carolina typically each winter for about 5 or 6 weeks by invitation. I love my family in the south. I am a true Manhattanite having been born and raised and lived my entire 44 years on this awesome island. My father, deceased, had three brothers (all deceased now) and all four brothers joind the service right out of high school having been born and raised in NYC.

    My father and one uncle after being in the service married here in NYC and my other two uncles while in the service fell in love with and married women in South Carolina so that’s how I have so much family in the south. Also, for the record I love my family in the south and they love me and I love the south and southern ways.

    Could you answer a few questions of southern culture for me? What is a hissyfit? I’ve heard this only a couple times in the south and of course know it means a disliking reaction fo something but what is it really? Do men have hissyfits? or are they only for describing a woman’s negative reaction? If only for women what is the male word for hissyfit?

    I know SC is in the Bible belt. What is the dominate Christian denomination? I notice many Baptist churches but also many Methodist, Non Denominational and others. Are there any Jewish faith communites in South Carolina? I never noticed any while driving and out with family but also I never looked for any either. I’ve spent a total of two years in the south in 4 to 6 weeks increments typically once or twice each year so have never had a long enough stay to really get to know the area. My wife is Jewish and a few times she has visited and she loves my family and they love her and she also loves southern ways.

    Only a few times in public places such as grocery stores, restaurants and such have I ever heard the word yankee and it seemed to be used in a humorous manner such as ‘he must be a yankee’ with both men having a little smile and little chuckle. Is yankee a put down or a humorous descriptive term or what? I’m not picking just asking.

    Why is cornbread so dry? My family makes almost everything from scratch and I love the food but I take it cornbread is made so very dry as one is supposed to put in in a bowl with milk or something to make it wet/moist. My family usually eats it as a sop up for gravy or stew and I do to but it’still easy for me to half choke on it. I like it but it’s just so dry.

    I like grits. My family makes grits soft and sweet with sugar, LOTS of cheese and it’s great. My cousin calls it Cheesy Grits and it’s great and I love her grits. My other cousin makes grits and then greases up good thick glass water glasses and puts the grits in and refrigerates overnight and the next day she somehow gets the grits out and slices it and frys it in a ‘dirty’ cast iron pan that she just did the bacon, eggs and all the rest in I LOVE IT. She calls this Dirty Grits and I love it.

    Are these grits being called Cheesy grits and Dirty grits unique to my family or are they called this by most southern people? What we call in NYC stuffed cabbage which I love my family calls Pig in the Blanket and they do theirs with all kinds of meat not just hamburg with seasoning and rice. They do it with sausage, hamburg and more. Love southern Pig in a Blanket. Are Pig in a Blanket aka stuffed cabbage unique to my family or is this what southerners call it?

    Is it all ove the south that a grocery store cart is called a buggy or is this also unique to my family? My family will say to me’you take a buggy and get what’s all on this list and I’ll take a buggy and get this list’.

    My cousins are all in their late 40’s , 50’s and early 60’s.

    I love my family in the south and I love southern ways. I’m not insulting at all just asking.

    Also what’s up with ‘carry’ as take. My family will say ‘Mama was so sick I carried her to the doctor’. The first time I heard this years ago I asked ‘was she that weak you had to carry her in the office?’ and they said no she walked in.

    There should be a southern – northern dictionary as it would come in handy for me visiting the south due to usage differences.


  14. I have purchased your Easter book and did not get an email to download it. I commented on this. You asked me to email you, however, my computer will not allow me to email you. How can we proceed from here?

  15. Hey Amanda–I’ve followed your around the internets for awhile, but finally after our brief Twitter exchange, I wanted to go remind myself about you. ;) I love all that you’re about and just thought I would say a proper hello and tell you I admire all that you’ve done/are doing. I blog over at the grommom, but started after my fourth kid, and try like crazy to keep up on other blogs but as you probably relate–it’s hard to take time…
    I’m subscribing now so I can keep up with you! :)
    PS haha–Just noticed your box “confirm you are not a spammer” and yet they still get through–they’re amazing, aren’t they? :)

  16. Just found your blog from the Singing Honey Bee. I’m super excited to discover more. I really enjoy all the religious things got have for kiddos.

  17. Jessica says:

    I found you on a Disney blog. I love your blog, and I am so not a blog follower. But you’ve hooked me. Thank you for inspiring me this morning. I hope you enjoy this and will consider sharing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86FY-AEdizA It’s a Disney mom parody.

  18. David Wheeler says:

    Hi I am from Birmingham United Kingdom.I have a children’s ministry and I am going to teach tomorrow on the miracle of the healing of the paralysed man that was lowered through the roof to Jesus.You did a wonderful presentation of this story on youtube and I am in awe of your talent.I have done this work for about six years now and every week I struggle with finding new ways to present Gods word to the young people that includes my two children aged 11 and 12.In fact I actually despaired and offered my resignation two weeks ago which was turned down by the assistant pastor.If you get 5 mins ask God if he can give me the same drive ,passion and confidence that you so clearly demonstrate in your video.My kids love me and I want to do better for them but I need help to get the message across and I can only do this with Gods help.Thanks for your inspiration.

  19. Hi Amanda!
    I am a fellow Christian, homeschooling Mama :) I would love to share the game that my family has created to help families have fun memorizing scripture with you and see if you would like to check it out and possibly share it! There is a video link to the game below!
    Thanks so much for your time.
    Antonia Best :)

  20. Emma Andersen says:

    Hi Amanda, I love your blog and I was just wondering if you could recommend any books that deal with Satan (!) my boys (6 and 8) are currently struggling with the scariness of Satan and are having nightmares about going to hell etc and I wondered if there are any kids books out there that deal with this issue? We have a lot of books that you recommend and love them all! Many thanks

    • Hmmm. I’m going to have to think about this. I certainly don’t know any off the top of my head—the only thing I can think of is books about fear or about Heaven. Let me get back to you after I think about this a bit!


  21. Hi Amanda!
    I am completely in love with your blog!! Thank you! You have so many wonderful ideas and crafts and lots of interesting reading! I’m going to start your “Impress your kids” tomorrow! I have one question and I hope you can help, you mentioned a homeschool, blogging, devotional notebook – what exactly is it and did you make it and can you tell me how? Phew… please . Thanks! God bless!!!

  22. Kristen Sharp says:

    Hi! I purchased The Sense of the Resurrection last year and can not find my download. We had our laptop worked on and I believe it was deleted. I have tried to go back through my emails to find it and have not been successful. What else can I do to re download this file? Thank you! Kristen

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