Your Turn: He doesn't believe me!

Ok, everyone… I really need your help on this one.  I have no idea what to do… Frequently, when I tell Elias something, he does not believe me.  In fact, he will argue the opposite point with me.  And I sit dumbfounded that I am arguing with a 3 year old about something that he […]

YOUR TURN: Setting the Stage for Success

Josh and I are taking a parenting class this fall – a class where, surprisingly, we have one of the oldest kids of anyone in the class.  (We’re so far behind…) One of the couples with a 16 month old asked if they were too early to start giving “time warnings” – as in, “Hey, […]

YOUR TURN: When Mom is tired

photo by kay v I am tired.  Physically, emotionally, spiritually… I am working on getting myself back on track and fully functioning.  I’m working on getting back into God’s word to refresh me, as it always does.  I’m working on taking better care of myself physically so I have more energy and am healthier.  There […]

YOUR TURN: Younger siblings

I’m ashamed to admit this, but sometimes… I forget that baby #2 is a little person all unto himself. I concentrate so much on baby #1 that #2 gets the short shrift way too often.  In fact, this is what I feel like I see from him more often than not: But Donovan is Mr. […]

YOUR TURN: Halloween

I know. I know. Halloween is over a month away. Try telling that to the party-supply store I took my kids to today. The store had about 5-8 HUGE demon costumes hanging from the ceiling. They had attached enormous pieces of fabric to make them look like they were zooming around the store. One was […]

YOUR TURN: Kindergarten Readiness

With everyone going back to school, I’ve been thinking a lot about…well, school. Lydia is only 3 but she loves loves loves all things school-y. She loves to read, color, write, draw, spell and sing. She loves doing things in order and learning new stuff. (Do you love my descriptive words—“things” and “stuff”?) She’s got […]

YOUR TURN: Age Appropriate STUFF

When my daughter turned 1, my parents bought her a Little Mermaid tent. She loved it. She could crawl inside and be all by herself and play with her stuffed animals. The first time I crawled in I was a little shocked…the only thing I could see was a giant half naked girl with a […]