Make Your Own Pancake Mix

This idea is not original to me. I’m sure it’s one of many tips I got from scouring blogs these past few years. But now that I finally do it, this little tip has revolutionized my life! OK, that might be an exaggeration but it HAS revolutionized my mornings! My kids love pancakes. LOVE THEM. […]

UNICEF Relaunches Pamper’s One Pack=One Vaccine

Sometimes when I nurse Asa, I sit on the couch and prop my laptop up on the arm of the couch. I’ll watch twitter updates or maybe a vlog or two. A few days ago I sat down to catch up on some information from Pampers about Salma Hayek’s visit to Sierra Leone. She was […]

Use Kid’s Valentines As Greeting Cards!

I have always loved valentines. When I was little they had perforated edges and tissue paper thin envelopes. Now they come with shiny stickers and holographic words, but still they are delectable. Tiny little cards with yummy illustrations. The day after Valentine’s Day I always hit up Walgreen’s or whoever has everything for 75% off. […]

Scrapbooking Comes But Once A Year

When I got married, my friends gave me a scrapbooking shower. Everyone came bearing old pictures, each person made a page and I got to keep it all! I loved it!! Not only was it the sweetest gift ever, I just KNEW I was going to be a scrapbooker. And this was even before all […]

Presents Without Bows Are Just WRONG (A Gift Wrap Bow Tutorial)

When my dad was growing up, he and his family were very poor. One day my aunt was going to a birthday party and they wrapped the gift in the comics from the newspaper. Well, she was already embarrassed her gift wasn’t wrapped in real gift wrap, but she was devastated that they didn’t have […]

WFMW: The Best of the Best!

Ok, Shannon’s having the “greatest hits” edition of wfmw. I only have like 4 Works for Me Wednesday posts to choose from, but I do think this is my favorite one. Be prepared to be amazed. For real. This is good. OK, here we go… Ever since I read my first Works for Me Wednesday […]

What Works For Me?

Shannon‘s hosting backwards works-for-me-wednesday today. I’ve been waiting for this because I have a big question. I know I could research it, but it would be SO much easier if someone else would just tell me what to do so I don’t have to figure it out. I’m thoughtful like that. I have all these […]