The World is Just Awesome

This was my favorite camp song when I was a kid! I LOVE this. It kinda reminds me of one of my favorite psalms, too. Boom-de-ah-da! {hat tip to Staci}

Good Guys Finish First!

As we’ve been struggling agonizing waiting for the new fall shows to arrive we’ve been tivoing On the Lot. Think Apprentice meets American Idol meets Steven Spielberg. And if it wasn’t for the host wearing ridiculously low cut clothing, the absolutely stilted writing, and the judging (oh! Carrie Fisher! Who knew you were related to […]

How To Be Rich

Today began a 4 part series at church. This week was the intro lesson based on 1 Timothy 6:17a. I say “a” because the pastor just used the very beginning of the verse to make a point: “Command those who are rich in this present world…” Go back. Read it again…I’ll wait…now ask yourself, “Is […]

How Lydia Got Her Nickname

And the karaoke version for even more Lydia fun! (alternate title: Why You Should Look Up Your Kids’ Name on YouTube BEFORE They Are Born)

One Year Short of a Decade

Les, we would never do this! I love you so much. Happy 9 Years!  (here’s some pix of the big day. they’re worth it, i promise.)

My itty Bitty Baby Brother

My brother started a blog. Well, not a blog. More like a vlog. See, Jason loves making videos. Of himself, his daughter, whatever. He’s hilarious and talented. Here’s his first post. It’s a little long if you don’t know him, but worth it! Leave a comment and tell him his big sister sent you!

At Church Today 2

Today’s sermon was just awesome. The title was “Boulevard of Broken Dreams: Some Dreams Can’t Come True”. With a title like that, it’s gotta be interesting, right? I usually don’t like to hear about dreams not coming true because I believe that God has GREAT and WONDERFUL plans for us. So, I was intrigued when […]