Amazing Race: Deaf Contestant & Mom

Amazing Race AND Survivor premieres in one week? LOVIN’ IT! We had a yahoo-amazing-race-is-back party with Kristen tonight. It ended up being a put-the-kids-to-bed-and-get-them-up-to-go-the-bathroom-and-then-go-to-bed-again-about-400-times party. But still it was fun. The Pioneer Woman’s favorite salad ever made an appearance. So, that was worth it. I’m excited about this season of Amazing Race so far. First […]

Free Online TV Shows & Movies at Fancast

So last night I stayed up and watched Heroes instead of 24. (Yes, feel free to gasp and throw rotten tomatoes at me.) It was the mid-season premiere. I missed Peter. Well, Hiro anyway. And maybe Sylar. About two minutes in I said, “Did I miss something? Is this the second hour? What’s going on?” […]

Oh Lost, How I Love Thee.

I’ve got about 14 tabs open right now. Fourteen tabs devoted to LOST. Fourteen theories, recaps and ramblings about last night’s season 5 premiere. *sigh* I’m a happy woman. If you want to get started on your own Lost-tab Party, here’s my recap at the Disney Blog. The mother of all recaps at And […]

Soooo. You Think YOU Can Dance?

I know. It’s been three days since my only summer tv-pleasure has come on. And I started writing the post in my head the second the show came on. But it’s taken me all the way until TODAY to get to post it. And it’s even got real dancing on it. No, not of me, […]


Remember my big lofty goal of planning my meals out for the week? Well, I think it’s been about 3 weeks since I even attempted it. And we’ve eaten frozen pizza, eggs, take-out, eggs and sandwiches almost every night since then. So, here’s my attempt at another menu plan. And in case you’re bored and […]

The Other Woman

My Lost recap is up at The Disney Blog. For all my dislike of Juliet, I liked this episode ok. What say you, losties? *** I’m off to view the UBP posts…and hopefully have one up myself soon, too!

The After Post

I’m sticking my head out of the greed-fest (aka Bloggy Giveaways) I’ve been in the past 2 days to post. Seriously, there are like 600 contests right now. 600 things I apparently need more than sleep, tv or a clean house. Ahem. I was going to link to a few of my faves, but I’ve […]