How To Make a Mini Marshmallow Shooter Gun From PVC Pipe

Here it is! How to make your very own mini-marshmallow gun out of PVC pipe! This is my gun. You like? I thought it was pretty awesome. And if you look closely, you’ll see you don’t need much to make this gun. In fact, calling this a tutorial might be a lie. Here’s the gun […]

How to Wrap and Detangle Christmas Lights!

I know, I’ve posted this at least once on my blog before. I can’t help it. This is by far the best packing up tip ever!  If you are a REAL Christmas fan and have a REAL Christmas tree decked out with multiple strands of lights, then you need to know this! All you do […]

Presents Without Bows Are Just Wrong (A Gift Wrap Bow Tutorial)

In case you’re like me and haven’t wrapped ONE present yet (yes, I know, it’s Christmas Eve!), here’s my favorite way to embellish a gift! I originally published this last year and love it so much I thought I’d share it again! When my dad was growing up, he and his family were very poor. […]

DIY: Scrapbook Paper Lined Invitation Envelopes

Asa’s first birthday party is on Saturday! We’re doing an ACE party since we call him ACE a lot and an ACE equals ONE. Pretty clever, huh? I’ve been very excited about this theme because it’s so different. But as I got into planning it, I kept getting into a CASINO theme instead of the […]

New Impressions (a Craft Foam Picture Frame mini Tutorial)

In keeping with my one-word New Year’s Resolution, I want to do MORE for our Compassion kids, Alizeta and Rasmane. (Have I told you about Rasmane? Oh, he’s so cute. After Asa was born, we decided to support a little boy, too. We chose Rasmane because he goes to the same “church” as Alizeta. So, […]

Presents Without Bows Are Just WRONG (A Gift Wrap Bow Tutorial)

When my dad was growing up, he and his family were very poor. One day my aunt was going to a birthday party and they wrapped the gift in the comics from the newspaper. Well, she was already embarrassed her gift wasn’t wrapped in real gift wrap, but she was devastated that they didn’t have […]