Why Top Ten {Tuesday} Is So Fabulous

It’s here, folks: my last Top Ten {Tuesday}. In case you missed the big announcement, you better click back to last week! Let’s get to this week because honestly, I’ve been wanting to write this post for awhile. I love Top Ten {Tuesday} and I think it’s a really good carnival. And I think everyone ought […]

Top Ten {Tuesday}

A little Top Ten {Tuesday} history for you. And a little bit of it’s future… 1. The Beginning I went to the first Blissdom Conference four years ago. I sat with Mandi Ehman in an affiliate marketing class and we joked that we were going to start a gift guide blog so we could make […]

Groups & Tribes {Finding Support in the Blogosphere}

Well, hello, Tuesday! Are we here already? I’m super excited today because I’m collaborating with a group of fabulous {crafty} bloggers {who are totally out of my league} on a series called, Grow Your Blog! Pretty appropriate since we are in the middle of a blogging series here, aptly (and predictably titled), How *I* Write […]

New Things: Top Ten {Tuesday}

So. Have you done anything new lately? I have. Well, they aren’t super exciting like jumping out of an airplane or anything. But I thought they deserve at least a little bit of attention. Ready? Are you salivating at this topic? I know you are. TOP TEN NEW THINGS I’VE DONE LATELY (AND IF THEY […]

Things I’ve Been Enjoying Lately

1. My Kindle Did I tell you I got a Kindle for Christmas? I’ve been using the Kindle app on Les’ iPad (which is awesome and free!!) but having my own little e-reader to carry around wherever I want? I kinda likey. Plus, look at the cute cover I got. 2. The Hunger Games For […]

A Little House on the Prairie Party: Top Ten {Tuesday}

I have to admit, I was a little worried about Lydia’s 6th birthday party. Little House on the Prairie parties work well outside, in a barn or at a farm. But inside my house? I just hoped it wouldn’t be boring. Well, with 18 kids and even more adults than that, we had an absolute […]

My New Mommy Blog: Top Ten {Tuesday}

Remember my new iPhone? Well, I love it. Yes, I can talk to Siri (which my or may not be the subject of a Top Ten post soon. She is quite entertaining.) and I can actually get online and answer email while sitting somewhere boring. I’m kinda in love with it. But the main thing […]