I Didn’t Know I Had The Winter Blues Till The Sun Came Out

Image via Wikipedia Saturday was a balmy 72 degrees. Balmy, I tell you! After a full day of packing, we let Lydia strap on her helmet and rider her skuut bike in the driveway. It was so incredibly fun. After that we played with sidewalk chalk and ran around in the yard. And I felt […]

Can You Believe This Is My Front Yard?!

      “Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these!” Matthew 6:29

Springy Eastery Type Party!

Easter is four days away! Four days and we are still wearing coats outside! What happened to spring sandals and sleeveless Easter dresses? I guess Lydia and I will be stylin’ on Sunday with tights and hats! I have a thing about Easter. It started a long time ago—when I first heard that the word […]


I’m ticked at Easter. I can’t help it. I went to a Christian bookstore yesterday to buy Lydia a book about the resurrection of Jesus. They had an entire shelf dedicated to the holiday that celebrates that event. Every single one of those books had the word “easter” in the title. Not one book was […]


I’m really not dogwood crazy, I just cannot get over how gorgeous our neighborhood is right now! Every house has tons of flowering trees. It will take your breath away! I took some more pictures of our dogwoods today because the pink dogwood is in bloom. Oh. It’s beautiful. When I was little my mom […]

Why I Love Where I Live #282

I walked outside yesterday and to my amazement, the tree in our front yard is a Dogwood! They are my favorite tree! We had them at our house when I was growing up. Plus, they feel very southern. Not to mention, when I walked outside today, I discovered that not only do we have a […]

In like a Lion…

It is Spring! I’m hoping the old adage is true and March will go out like a lamb this year. These beautiful sunshiney, breezy, dandelion days are spoiling me! Lydia and I spent 2 hours outside yesterday. Her favorite game is “Walk in the Grass”. It’s riveting. Her second favorite game is “Pick up the […]