Camp Primo 2012

The absolute highlight of the kids’ summer is Camp Primo. This is the cousin camp my parents plan (and execute) every year. It’s just for the grandkids–all three of them. And the details of the trip are highly confidential. That is, until the Camp Primo Parent Program on the last day. I can’t really give […]

Class of 2012

It’s done. Our first year of school. Lydia graduated from Kindergarten last week. *sniff* I am relieved to say I didn’t sob all the way through the graduation. Nor did I have terrible visions of an 18 year old Lydia leaving for college. In fact, it was a beautifully fun evening celebrating a big milestone […]

Report Cards for the Heart

Lydia got her 3rd report card yesterday. And as with the last two report cards, I am busting my buttons with my smart and thriving little girl! She received all E’s for Excellent in her classes. And the most important part to me–E’s in her behavior. I don’t know what normal report cards look like, […]


one, two, three, four, five… and SIX! My Lydia is six years old today! We’ve already played her new game (Trouble …you have to get a SIX to get your game piece out of home!), tried on her new light up boots (they’re too little! *sniff*), ate pancakes with apple butter (her fave) and are […]

Love Notes from Parents to Kids

source: d sharon pruitt Last weekend I coerced asked my husband to take the kids to Home Depot’s Kids Workshop. On (most) Saturdays they have a free workshop for kids to create something out of wood and nails. Each kid gets a certificate, a pin and an orange apron to pin it on. My kids […]

Lydia is in Clubhouse Jr!

Remember our toast tongs for Mother’s Day? Well, the editors of Clubhouse Jr saw our post and asked if they could put Lydia in Clubhouse Jr! We got the August issue in the mail last week and there she was! See. This is why you need to subscribe to Clubhouse Jr. You could have a […]

Jumping Up & Down!

Why am I jumping up and down? Because I’m blogging at Kat’s Inspired To Action today! Kat’s blog, e-books and Maximize Your Morning Challenge have literally changed my life. So, I’m honored (more than honored!) to be posting there today! Will you join me as we talk about how kids can change the world? I […]