Belated Giveaway Day Four

So, I think my day o’ famous people made me a little bamboozled and I forgot about my week o’ giveaways. But before we get to that let’s talk about my famous PEOPLE…yes, as in plural! First: ALTON BROWN. For those of you wondering, YES! He was so nice. In fact, I think he might […]

Random McRandom

I feel like I’ve been posting long drawn out posts lately. Or short strange little things. Or stuff about other people’s stuff. While I know, deep down you’ve all been wondering about the randomness of my days! So, here goes… 1. I’ve had McDonald’s to eat two nights in a row. Before that, it’s probably […]

When My Husband Works Late…

…I twitter the entire episode of So You Think You Can Dance. Seriously.

Soooo. You Think YOU Can Dance?

I know. It’s been three days since my only summer tv-pleasure has come on. And I started writing the post in my head the second the show came on. But it’s taken me all the way until TODAY to get to post it. And it’s even got real dancing on it. No, not of me, […]

It’s Backwards Day

1. My internet is awesome. It hardly ever refuses to connect. In fact, it’s password protected and the router can be just 20 feet away and it still connects at FULL bars every time. I never get aggravated at it. And I can always get online whenever I want. It would NEVER refuse to work […]


Thayne is going home. *sniff* I think I had a crush on him. How can you not love his smile? I’m just still amazed at how much I like So You Think You Can Dance. Who knew I liked dance? I just assumed it was an American Idol spin off. But I like it so […]