This weekend 5000 women will join the inRL conference with Dayspring and (in)courage. Today, people will cozy up around their computers sipping coffee, watching real women from the blogosphere talk and share about the challenge to stay in community when it’s easier to walk away.  I am actually one of those women who will be […]

On Friends…

I’m supposed to write for five minutes on my friends. Five minutes? On the girls I met when I was 4? The girls I giggled with at all the wrong times? The girls I gave flowers to at my wedding? The girls I worked with? Sweated with? Served with? Cried with? The girls that have […]

How To Play Nertz (The Best Card Game Ever)

Last night was a real life sisterchick girls night out! Staci made a yummy pizza fondue, we ate cookies, stalked people on facebook, talked about Twilight, blogging, kids and men boys men. Then as Mandi and I (the only ones with almost 2 year olds) started yawning…what was it about 8pm? Staci pulled out the […]

Top Ten {Tuesday}: The Great Urban Race Atlanta

Saturday Staci and I participated in the most fun thing I’ve done in…maybe ever. It’s the local, cheap, short version of The Amazing Race. Teams of two race through their city doing stunts, taking pictures and unscrambling clues. It was literally GREAT. Staci already recapped it brilliantly but here are my… TOP TEN PICS, VIDEOS, […]

The Sisterchicks Cook

Usually when my sisterchicks try to get together for a Girls Night Out–no matter how easy or elaborate, it requires a lot of emails. A LOT. You know, Where should we go? I don’t care. Wherever you wanna go. I already went there. It was ok. Oh, well, how about this place? Or maybe here? […]

The Sisterchicks Par-tay!

There is nothing like a sisterchick party. At what other time and place would you eat salads for Christmas… Have Santa come to your house… Get presents as tall as yourself… Or set your camera on self-timer so you can take a picture of yourself jumping in the air… …and call it the highlight of […]

We Interrupt This Weekend…

…to bring you a new baby girl! I told you my sisterchick, Mandi was due any minute. Well, by the time I posted about our joint baby shower she actually had her baby girl! I can’t remember all the stats…but I do know she’s a cutie because we saw her last night. Lydia even got […]