Top Ten Tuesday: Best “W” Words

As I was trying to think of a good Top Ten list for you today, I reviewed some of my old posts. And I ran across to totally random and weird lists:  P Words and Most Famous O Words. So, today, in an effort to continue the random, here are THE TOP TEN MOST WONDERFUL […]


Today I gave Lydia a bath, read four books (including one about a pirate), made ravioli (not from scratch), uploaded the pictures off my new camera (a Christmas present from the hubby!), read less than 2 blog posts, drove Lydia to the grandparents, went to the UPS store, bought a suh-weet advent calendar from Pottery […]

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Lydia woke up with a fever this morning but she is as happy go lucky as can be now! I’m glad because she and Asa have had little coughs for about two days. Not only that but today is the day the sisterchicks are going to eat CUPCAKES. *sigh* I love me a good cupcake. […]

Rockin’ Around the Random Christmas Tree

It’s like ten minutes till Christmas. At least that’s what it feels like. And I still have too many things to do. It’s kinda crazier than normal around here because my husband’s birthday is on the 23rd and my mom’s is on the 24th. That’s extra presents, extra food, extra plans, extra everything! *sigh* Anyway, […]

Just Some Stuff

(do i come up with killer titles or what?!) Lydia is home from Camp Primo: The Fall Retreat. (Just let that settle in a little.) They stayed at a hotel, went swimming two times in one day, went to the Playhouse Disney Live Show, Chuck E. Cheese, Fernbank Museum and an IMAX movie, the CNN […]

Speaking of Random

I just laid the pirate down for a nap. Lydia was in her bed completely quiet. I was all ready to hop on the computer and blog about something blog-worthy. Not about naps, or breastfeeding or my lack of showers. Then Lydia decides she has to go potty. Oh, but not really. She actually just […]

Back from Davy Jones’ Locker

I’ve got a pirate update and a couple of bloggy questions for you… Three weeks have come and gone since the pirate has officially become  a land blubber. (Do you ever wonder how long I’ll take these pirate puns? Me, too.) And just as I hoped I’m feeling more normal. We’ve had decent feedings, good […]