Rate My Space

I just found the coolest website! Well, I actually found it via one of the girls on my baby messageboard. It’s called Rate my Space from HGTV’s website. You can upload your pictures of the rooms you’ve decorated and people rate them. I got lost in it for about an hour last night. I was […]

Countdown: 3 Weeks Until All Ashore That’s Going Ashore

my pirate & me at 37 weeks. I had another sweet baby shower this week. Complete with a delicious pirate hat cake and a diaper treasure chest! We played a little guess-how-big-Amanda’s-belly game with ribbons. These little ribbons were the losers, thank goodness! I’m feeling pretty tired and sore right now. Everything is swollen–my hands, […]

Countdown: 4 Weeks Until Pirate Arrives

me & the baby pirate. 36 weeks. I’ve been feeling a tiny bit emotional knowing I’m in the countdown. I’ve got lots of stuff to do—like, I don’t know, making sure the pirate’s room isn’t PINK. Like cleaning my house, like finishing my childbirth books, like cherishing every moment with the baby I have right […]

My New Favorite Snack

+ +=   ok, maybe not. but oh, yum. [alternate title: 30 weeks with baby pirate!!] [alternate alternate title: can you eat too much while preggo?]

Contemplating: Unmedicated Childbirth

Yes. I’m going to post about unmedicated childbirth. This subject could be as highly debated as formula versus breastfeeding. But I have to talk about it. I need some input, please. (Sorry to all you non-mothers, men and people generally grossed out by childbirth and things of that sort. Feel free to skip this post […]

Monday & Tuesday Have Switched Places

I was so excited to tell you about the Wii, I didn’t even post my normal Monday randomness! (Do you see how I’ve embraced it?) Well, today I decided to bless you with some randomness. It’s just one of those days. I have just entered my 3rd trimester. I’m 28 weeks. And according to the […]

Baby Bump(s)

I thought it was time for a belly comparison. My belly at 25 weeks with Lydia: My belly at almost 25 weeks with baby pirate: I think absolutely look bigger with the pirate. Oh my. And check out that arch in my back! YIKES. I posted this at Lydia’s blog, too. So, if you were […]