My New Mommy Blog: Top Ten {Tuesday}

Remember my new iPhone? Well, I love it. Yes, I can talk to Siri (which my or may not be the subject of a Top Ten post soon. She is quite entertaining.) and I can actually get online and answer email while sitting somewhere boring. I’m kinda in love with it. But the main thing […]

Obligatory Costume Pictures

Why I’m Not Going To Post Today

[alternate title: Atlanta Blizzard 2010] [alternate alternate title: I Know, It’s Not Like, Actual Snow.] [actual title: Asa is wearing REAL shoes!] [sweet title: Like Father Like Son]

Parenting Is Hard

Why I Didn’t Have Time To Post Today

[alternate title: Have you ever seen ANYTHING so adorable in your life?] [alternate alternate title: HAVE YOU EVER SEEN ANYTHING SO ADORABLE IN YOUR LIFE?!] [actual title: Day One of Princess Ballet Camp is the Most Adorable Thing I Have Ever Seen In My Life]

One Whole Month

Asa is one month old today. It’s hard to believe. It’s been the longest month of my life. But it’s also flown by.  I wish I could write all the emotions and feelings that have been flooding my heart and my mind and my body this last month. They’ve been conflicting, that’s for sure. I’ve […]

The Past & The Future?

My little brother and me at my Grandmama’s house. I totally remember that little chair and table set. And is that a robe behind me? I just love how we’re drinking out of goblets. That is so Grandmama. And look at my Strawberry Shortcake nightgown! And Jason’s little hands–they’re still baby hands. How sweet. I’m […]