Photobooths Revisited

I just found THE coolest thing ever. Here’s reason #253 I’d like to get remarried (to the same person, of course)… A TRAVELING PHOTO BOOTH You can rent this photo booth and everyone at your wedding (or party, I guess) can hop in and get as many pictures taken as they want! And it automatically […]

A Darling Wordless Wednesday

The back of this picture is covered in black scrapbook paper. But I can read “darling dad” on the back. I love that. I think “darling dad” is my Great-Great-Grandfather. But I’m not sure. 1937 is the date. I just went onto where I’ve made a HUGE family tree and taken notes and uploaded […]

Posing for Wordless Wednesday

Not sure who the masculine tall woman is on the left. I’m pretty sure my great-grandmother, Hazel is on the right. 1931. I just love everything about this picture. The snow, the roof of the house, their coats, their hats and their little “let’s have some fun, don’t we look cute” smiles! Do you just […]

An Almost Wordless Wednesday

Yup. I found another Agda picture. 1926. (for more ww click here and here.)

A Very Late Wordless Wednesday

It’s Wednesday! As in Wordless Wednesday! As in I post a picture every Wednesday of my family. I totally forgot! I just laid Lydia down for a nap, then sat down at my computer and said, “Hmmm. What should I blog about today?” Well, I only have a few more pictures already scanned, so this […]

What Works For Me?

Shannon‘s hosting backwards works-for-me-wednesday today. I’ve been waiting for this because I have a big question. I know I could research it, but it would be SO much easier if someone else would just tell me what to do so I don’t have to figure it out. I’m thoughtful like that. I have all these […]

A Superior Wordless Wednesday

Shirley Hammargren & my grandmother at Lake Superior. 7 years old. Isn’t that cute? I just feel like they are rolling their eyes and laughing at someone teasing them off camera. Can you imagine going to the lake in that outfit? Sheesh. (for more ww click here and here) And I promise Disney Cruise pics […]