pdq@iyk: a prize box

Today I was putting away a huge pile of christmas-birthday-why-haven’t-i-put-this-away-yet stuff in my craft closet. At the top of my pile was a leftover prize from the Gingerbread Party. Lydia already had one, I didn’t want to throw it away, but I didn’t want to add another 10 cent toy to our already overflowing playroom. […]

Let it SNOW!

Just a quick post… we’re caught in the middle of the “Mid-Atlantic Blizzard of 2009″ – or whatever they are calling it this year!  According to our plastic ruler measuring method, we have had 10 inches of snow, and it’s still snowing!  Elias told me he prayed for snow, but on Christmas day… “so could […]


I’m sorry the blog went silent for a couple of days! I had two crazy things happen to me this week–one really good and one not so good. On Friday, my dad (remember, he’s going through Hepatitis C treatments?) was in a pretty bad car accident. My mom called me and said, “Amanda, Daddy is […]

A sneak peak…

ehem… I know we are focusing on Thanksgiving right now, but Amanda’s been talking about Christmas already on oh amanda, and I wanted to give you a sneak peak of what has been occupying my naptime craft-times these days…. Just a little peak… And I even have our Christmas picture picked out for our Christmas […]

Where Have I Gone Wrong?!

Lydia: “Mommy, I like Mickey Mouse better than Jesus.” Me: “Lydia, Mickey is pretend. Jesus is real.” Lydia: “Oh, well. What I meant to say is I like Mickey AND Jesus.”

pdq@iyk – quick book review and recipe share

I finally caught up with Amanda and read the Mrs. Rosey Posey books – and I’m so glad I got the chance to read them!  The books are full of wonderful Biblical truths – all simply explained – and lovely to read.  I’m a Robin Jones Gunn groupie now, too!  If you didn’t win copies […]


Just a quick heads up on a sale… If you have a Joann Fabric and Craft store near you, their Busy Kids’ Kids Camp kits and craft supplies are 50% off!  Tons of foam craft kits, foam stickers, glitter and glitter glue… run by there if you need to restock your craft box or add […]