Lydia’s American Girl Doll Party

  My Lydia is 8 and we celebrated with an American Girl Doll party! You might remember that Lydia saved her money for three years to buy an American Girl doll. And after she brought Rebecca home, she has been head-over-heels in love with her. Rebecca and the rest of the American Girls are as […]

Asa’s Camping Party

My boy is 5. FIVE! We celebrated with a Camping Party (due in part to our ohRV adventures and our Stone Mountain weekend). I had this whole awesome play-outside-with-real-fire-wood-and-bows-and-arrows-and-slingshots alas, everything had to be moved inside because it was pouring down rain. *sniff* But as every good camper knows, that’s what camping is all about–braving the elements! And we still had […]

The Flying Ace Party

The Flying Ace party is finally here! I feel like I’ve been teasing you for weeks about this. (Geez, I hope I can live up to my own hype!) We’ve been calling Asa, “Ace” since he was little (hence, the Vintage Ace party when he turned one). I decided a Flying Ace party would be […]

A Little House on the Prairie Party: Top Ten {Tuesday}

I have to admit, I was a little worried about Lydia’s 6th birthday party. Little House on the Prairie parties work well outside, in a barn or at a farm. But inside my house? I just hoped it wouldn’t be boring. Well, with 18 kids and even more adults than that, we had an absolute […]

Nursing School Graduation Party: Top Ten {Tuesday}

Catie & me at her Pinning Ceremony (she isn’t really a giantess, she was wearing like 8 inch heels!) My sister-in-law, Catie graduated from Nursing School this week. So, she had a little red and white, candy striped, slightly vintage party to celebrate. And I may have helped just a little bit! Here we go… […]

Pingg: Easy Online Invitations

I love me a good party. And there is nothing cuter than a sweet little invitation to get the party started off right. But I have learned that invitations are too hard for me. They are like Christmas cards. I have to collect envelopes, find addresses, hand write or print off a billion envelopes and […]

Why I’m Not Going To Post Today

Alternate Title: Easter Comes Early Around These Here Parts Alternate Alternate Title: Our (Almost) Annual Spring Party Is Today!! Alternate Alternate Alternate Title: My Kids LOVE Posing For Pictures. :: :: ::