There is Just One Moon and One Golden Sun

See Part 1 and 2 of our Small World Party! So, our Small World party wasn’t as Mary-Blair-ish as I wanted it to be. But I did have two little nods to Mary Blair’s colorfulness. These cute signs I hung on the front door are actually embellishments from Britt-ish Designs and turned out so cute when I […]

It’s a Small World After All

I really wanted Lydia’s Small World party to be a colorful, whimsical world like Mary Blair created. I imagined big murals and balloons and fun cut-outs and streamers. Alas, my dreams are always bigger than my abilities and we went for the whole flags-around-the-world-and-do-kids-really-look-at-decorations feel. <insert sheepish grin> When the kids arrived they passed my favorite […]

Asa’s How To Train Your Dragon Party

All last year Asa wanted to have a Spy Party. I was all set to do spy training for his little friends. Then. How To Train Your Dragon 2 and Dragon Week happened. And we had to have a Dragon/Viking party. So, here it is! I didn’t want it to feel like a cartoon party […]

Lydia’s American Girl Doll Party

  My Lydia is 8 and we celebrated with an American Girl Doll party! You might remember that Lydia saved her money for three years to buy an American Girl doll. And after she brought Rebecca home, she has been head-over-heels in love with her. Rebecca and the rest of the American Girls are as […]

Asa’s Camping Party

My boy is 5. FIVE! We celebrated with a Camping Party (due in part to our ohRV adventures and our Stone Mountain weekend). I had this whole awesome play-outside-with-real-fire-wood-and-bows-and-arrows-and-slingshots alas, everything had to be moved inside because it was pouring down rain. *sniff* But as every good camper knows, that’s what camping is all about–braving the elements! And we still had […]

Secret of the Wings Party

The newest Tinkerbell movie, The Secret of the Wings is set in Neverland where the Never Fairies do what fairies do—change the seasons, help animals and paint flowers. There’s only one part of Neverland they never visit (until now, that is): the Winter Woods! This was the setting for Lydia’s 7th birthday party! We totally […]