Embarassed By Parents

Do you wish your teenagers would hang out with you? Do you wonder if your kids are going to hate you one day? Do you ever feel like your kids are just chomping at the bits to get out of your house? How can you cultivate a family culture that is warm, welcoming, comfortable and […]


Last week I tried potty-training my 2.5 year old son. Some of you are already snickering because you know all the drama that goes into that one sentence. My daughter was potty trained in 2 days at the age of 24 months. My son spent an entire week in Buzz Lightyear underwear and we did […]

Kids & Chores

I’ve been trying to figure out chores for the kids. (I just posted about this didn’t I?) I can’t seem to get a good rhythm going with Lydia, she sees brushing her teeth as a chore. So, that’s a problem. The only thing I’ve successfully done is introduced Asa to putting away the silverware. He […]

I Have a Confession To Make

Asa is halfway through his cast-wearing adventure. He’s got crawling and scooting down pat. He’s only mentioned the possibility of getting the cast off twice. And he still says he doesn’t like his doctors. But the whole reason he has a broken leg is not because I let an almost 2 year old go down […]

Why I Didn’t Have Time To Post Today

Alternate Title: There is none. It’s just as bad and sad and miserable as it looks. So, it wasn’t a strain. He’s got a toddler tibia fracture. That means three weeks of lugging his cute self around. Hold me.

Kids Giving Back to the Family

Yesterday I alluded to how I am making small strides to streamline my mornings. I’ve noticed when we do a slow and lazy morning, I get crazy and wild kids. So, I’ve decided our mornings are going to be full of vim and vigor. We’re going to work and hustle and bustle through the hours […]

Makes My Heart Hurt. In a Good Way.

Asa. 20 months, 1 day old. Lydia. 1 day before her 20 month birthday.