Speaking of Flags…

Last week, I checked out an America-themed book from the library. As I read it to my kids before bedtime, I got tears in my eyes as the book showed the statue of the soldiers pushing up the flag at Iwo Jima. It honestly puts tears in my eyes thinking about it now! Our flag […]

Summer Olympic Fitness Challenge

We’ve been in a healthy-living cocoon these last few months. It all started when my husband had a 104 fever for 3 days. Come to find out he had diverticulitis. Which is usually something older people get and is caused by a western, American diet. I was terrified and got online immediately to figure out […]

Walking Sticks & Following the Shepherd

Pin It Remember when God talked to Moses from the burning bush? Moses got a little scared and said, “What if they don’t believe me?” God answered by asking a question, “What is in your hand?” Moses was carrying his staff. If you continue to read the story, you’ll see that God did miracles with […]

Psalm 119:9 Memorization Game

I’m sorry I’ve been quiet this week. Yesterday was Lydia’s Valentine’s Day party at school (I volunteer for every party!) and when we got home, she was shivering. I checked her temperature and she had a fever of 103!! This morning it got all the way up to 104. Yuck. After a gallon of water, […]

1 Corinthians 5:7: Lightning Fast Faith

Yesterday we played Blind Man’s Bluff. It’s just like tag, only “It” is blindfolded. I was “It” first, of course. The second I put on my mask (which was one of those scarf-muff thingies you put around your neck), the kids scattered screaming and laughing. I kept my hands stretched way out in front because […]

Do The Word {Fantastic Conduct}

While the kids and I were waiting for lunch to cook (bubble up pizza bites!) we did some Super Hero stuff! This week is about our conduct. And although I could hit every way our kids should act (be polite, say yes ma’am, don’t interrupt, share, don’t whine, don’t talk while I’m on the phone, […]

Build Others Up {Super Speech}

This morning before school I pulled out all the blocks we had. The big red cardboard ones. The colorful foam blocks. And the traditional wooden cubes. I had the kids build as many towers as they could and make them as tall as they could. Invariably, they’d get a decent tower going and then with […]