I’m Going To Miss Five

At Target this week, Lydia rode in the cart and sang, “I love Mommy! I love Mommy!” at the top of her lungs. She still says “hurted” and “bited“. She gets chocolate peanut butter spread on her cheek and doesn’t notice for hours. She carries her bunny, Flopsy to the store, sleeps with her and […]

Little Seeds

Spring is Here! One day this week, the kids and I laid on the back porch and drank in the spring weather. The sky was blue, the temperature was 74 and nicely breezy, the birds were singing, the creek was dancing and the grass was green. Every year I am surprised at how much the […]

Motherhood Is Hard

Sometimes I just get in a motherhood funk. The blues. The blahs. The I-can’t-do-anything-right kinda feeling. All day long I can feel words swirling through my head, “Their behavior is your fault! Why can’t you get the house clean?! You have ruined them! What are you doing? Why can’t you get him under control?” Am […]

I am a Great Mother!

Before I had children, I was a great mother. I knew the parenting style I wanted and I was ready to go! I knew how my kids would act and how I’d react. I knew the best way to raise my kids and I was ready for the challenge of working it out! Then I […]

I think we would be BFF!

Once I responded to a comment from Mandi—I thought it was my sisterchick, Mandi from itscome2this.com. But when she responded to my email she said, “I think you’re confused! I’m a different Mandi…!” And a fun friendship was born! Mandi is the “other” Mandi Ehman from Organizing Your Way and Doodles Place. She is a […]


I am loving these thank-you-mom posts inspired by theMotherhood and P&G’s ThankYouMom.com! As I was deciding who to thank, I knew it had to be someone who had not just inspired me as a blogger (because there are many of those) and not just inspired me as a mother (I have many non-blogger mom heroes), […]

Thank You, Thank You Verramuch

My first foray into social media was a messageboard on iVillage. It was for moms who had babies born the exact same month as my Lydia. Those ladies were a lifeline to me the first year of Lydia’s life. Today I still talk to them on facebook, see some of them in real life and […]