#endBiblePoverty Monthly Mission

After a little hiatus, it’s time for March’s monthly mission! Yipppeeee!  I am ridiculously excited about this one–I’ve been thinking about it ever since October when Eryn, Heather and I had a conversation about The Seed Company and their mission to end Bible poverty. Bible poverty? What in the world is that? There are about […]

Operation Christmas Child {November’s Monthly Mission}

Ever since the weather has turned cooler  the kids’ thoughts have turned to Christmas, “Oooh! I can’t wait to get Holly and Hal from the basement! Remember Daddy’s Snoopy ornament? I can’t wait! I can’t wait!” But the most often talked about Christmas activity? Operation Christmas Child. They have been wanting to pack boxes for […]

September’s Monthly Mission

When I was a little girl I read some books about a Christian boy who lived in Communist Russia. I thought it was the most exciting and scary thing ever to be in a secret church and smuggle Bibles. As an adult, I read Safely Home by Randy Alcorn and it changed my whole view […]

Monthly Mission {August}

Oh my, did I mention it’s been crazy around here? My sister-in-law and her five kids are in town. So, we went to the Atlanta History Center and the Atlanta Children’s Museum this week. Whew. I’m tired. On top of this, I leave for the Declare Conference tomorrow. TOMORROW. Oh my word, I’m so nervous. Why […]

Unbound Rock-a-Thon {Monthly Mission}

This month has been totally crazy and I almost backed out of this Monthly Mission with Unbound because I was just too tired. But, my kids are never tired (seriously!!) and would not let me forget that we were doing a ___-a-thon this month. We finally decided on a Rock-a-thon inspired by a recent Adventures […]

Monthly Mission: Unbound

I’m writing this Monthly Mission at 6:52am in the bed of our RV. And by bed I mean strange little futon couch that is made for a 4’2″ person and squeaks like….I don’t know, I can’t think of anything squeaky. But it’s squeaky. Trust me. This Monthly Mission is going to be an exciting one […]

Imagination (& a FREE Adventures in Odyssey eBook for you!)

My kids (like all kids) love to pretend. Lydia has always been the one that plays Mommy and puts herself into the story. Asa, on the other hand, likes to play with little figurines and be the master of the story! I love seeing the games they make up, the ideas that come out of […]