Monday: The Disney Cruise Randomness

OMG. I AM LEAVING FOR A DISNEY CRUISE IN TWO DAYS. TWO DAYS. EEEEK. I feel like that Disney commercial where they parents get on to their kids for not going to sleep the night before their Disney vacation. Then the parents are laying in their bed too wide awake to sleep. That’s me! Last […]

The Monday After Springing Forward

Renee from Cutie Booty Cakes summed it up on twitter this morning… Spring forward? I say begrudgingly move forward is more like it. Of course, I may be a little tired from our big adventure last night. We saw…wait for it…Bibleman. Yes, a man who is dressed up like a super-hero who quotes the Bible. […]

Speaking of Random

I just laid the pirate down for a nap. Lydia was in her bed completely quiet. I was all ready to hop on the computer and blog about something blog-worthy. Not about naps, or breastfeeding or my lack of showers. Then Lydia decides she has to go potty. Oh, but not really. She actually just […]

Mundane Monday

I’ve always heard that when you sleep at night your mind kind of “files” the days activities. Well, since I wake up about 45 times a night to visit the restroom, I think I kind of experience this even when I’m awake. Last night I was trying to fall back asleep and I promise, I […]

Random McRandom

I feel like I’ve been posting long drawn out posts lately. Or short strange little things. Or stuff about other people’s stuff. While I know, deep down you’ve all been wondering about the randomness of my days! So, here goes… 1. I’ve had McDonald’s to eat two nights in a row. Before that, it’s probably […]

Not EVEN Random!

It’s Monday and I actually have something to post. In just 2 hours a CAR is going to pick my up at MY HOUSE to bring me to the AIRPORT so I can FLY to CINCINNATI for a BLOGGY MEET UP with PAMPERS and 14 other bloggers! Do you hear my excitement?! I only had […]

Monday & Tuesday Have Switched Places

I was so excited to tell you about the Wii, I didn’t even post my normal Monday randomness! (Do you see how I’ve embraced it?) Well, today I decided to bless you with some randomness. It’s just one of those days. I have just entered my 3rd trimester. I’m 28 weeks. And according to the […]