Worship With Our Senses

This is a guest post by my good friend, Jessie Weaver. Her words are so timely and speak to my heart as we prepare our senses to experience the Resurrection this year! One of my best college friend’s wedding was very high church. He is an Episcopal priest, and the wedding was complete with big […]

Million Praying Women

  When my Grandfather was 19-years-old, he was in a terrible car accident. His car hit another head-on and all eleven passengers were ejected from the cars. My Grandpa doesn’t remember the impact, only waking up later lying in a field. He was taken to the hospital where they discovered that his back and both […]

Feet, Boots, Dogs and Snow

You know when you haven’t talked to someone in too long and then you finally decide to call them or meet them for lunch and you feel a little nervous because you know you’re going to have fun but you feel weird because it’s been so long (or is that just this introvert)? That’s how […]

Foolish and Wise, Fun and Annoying

  I am writing this from my husband’s iPad. I figure it will take me three times as long to get this post written as I am doing the one-finger-hen-peck method of typing. And moving the cursor? Seriously, my pea-sized brain (or maybe my gigantor fingers?!) just cannot do it! And why I am I […]

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

In a crazy turn of events, we spent Christmas Day at home. Just the four of us. We woke up when we wanted (ok, when the kids wanted!), opened our three presents, I fell asleep on the couch, we watched the Christmas parade, played with new legos, had leftovers for lunch, made our final Truth […]

Prayer with Purpose {*giveaway*}

This morning before I even had breakfast, I had already sent one child to their room and the other one was sobbing in my arms for disobeying me. Not to mention the whining puppy and my (I promise I’m not jealous) still-sleeping husband. I had (have) a million things on my to-do list. Things I […]

Are you decorating your tree?

We did something we’ve never done before. We bought our Christmas tree the day before Thanksgiving! What in the world? I think it’s because of the late Thanksgiving (Truth in the Tinsel is Sunday!!). Anywhoo. Not only did we get a tree for our house, I’ve already decorated a tree for my husband’s CrossFit gym. […]