How’s Your Marriage?

A few weeks ago my friend Amy sent me an email. She said, “I might have mentioned I’m writing an ebook. Would you read this rough draft and tell me what you think?” I was sucked in by the title, “Entangled: Recognize Your Emotional Affair, Restore Your Marriage” and didn’t stop reading until the last […]

I Love My Husband: Top Ten {Tuesday}

When I went to the (in)courage party at Blissdom, they were giving away tons of free cards. I got a whole pack of Encouragement/Hope cards. And I also picked up 2 romantical-type cards for my husband. When I read the first one I got tears in my eyes and knew I wanted to give it […]

Survivor: Marriage

Last night I was casually scrolling through tweetdeck on my husband’s iPhone. I saw a tweet by Ali Sweeny (from Biggest Loser) that said she was excited to watch Jeff Probst on Survivor tonight. HUH? SURVIOVR? TONIGHT?! Holy Toledo. I totally forgot! It was about 7:20, so we raced home, threw the kids in the […]

Marriage, Fighting and Making Up

Last night my husband and I got into a fight. It was a pretty good one in that we both ended up rolling over in bed and going to sleep with our backs to each other. I may have even muttered, “UNBELIEVABLE.” before I turned out the light. Nothing like a good fight before you […]

Marriage By Numbers

32: states we’ve visited 5: states we’ve lived 2: children we’ve accumulated (almost) 11: jobs we’ve had 12: houses/apartments/trailers/basements we’ve lived in 575: times you’ve fixed dinner and done the dishes 130: times you’ve mopped the floor 2,353,583: you’ve comforted me, made me laugh or encouraged me 10: years we’ve been married Happy Anniversary, Les. […]