My sweet sweet girl, You are three years old today. I’m not going to say it’s bittersweet. It’s not really. I love you more and more every day so to see you turn three is just a celebration of how much my love has grown for you. one day old  As I nurse and snuggle […]

A Baby Shower for a Toddler

Happy Panda is hosting a giant Baby Shower for Janice and Susan at 5m4m. They are twin sisters who are were pregnant at the same time. Little Olivia was born this week and Sophia is due very soon! So, to join in the fun (and gifts!) of the shower, I’m going to share a little […]

Lydia’s Outfit O’the Day

Tye dyed pajamas. Slippers with boa feathers. Ballerina tutu. Baseball cap. And my husband has my camera. *sigh*

Today’s Numbers Are…

4: the amount of times I was puked on by Lydia 9: PBS and Disney shows I watched today 3: outfits Lydia has worn today 4: outfits I have worn today 1: load of puked-on laundry 2: phone calls to my mom 3: the number of hours Lydia’s nap lasted 1: casserole I made during […]

Pandas & Owls & Gorillas, Oh my!

We went to the zoo yesterday! Les has been gone so much lately that with this 3 day weekend, we decided to do something fun. Lydia is so into animals right now, we’d knew she’d love the zoo. Plus, Mei Lan, the baby panda turns 1 this week! And since pandas are my special animal, […]

SAHM Subculture

Playdates. Before I was a mama, I thought this was the most ridiculous made up term in the world. It sounded like something on the front of a chick-lit book. Playdate. What is that about? Your kids have dates to play? What are they celebrities with an agent? But now I understand. Playdates. It’s a […]

Toddlerhood Part 2

(part 1 here) Last night I put Lydia to bed 40 minutes early. She slept for over 14 hours! When she woke up she wanted to drink her milk while laying in my lap in the rocker for another 30 minutes! Now she’s happily eating waffles in her high chair–smiling and talking the whole time. […]