Lost Finale

It’s 7:19am and I’m writing my LOST finale recap for The Disney Blog. Les is taking the kids for a couple of hours and I’m immersing myself in LOST. It’s too much to say anything right here but holy wow, I can’t believe it’s over. I dreamed about Lost all night and kept waking up […]


Well, this is it. My click-to-the-disney-blog-to-read-my-lost-post post. awesome lost caricature magnets from saturated canary art

Lost Season 6 Episode 13 “Everybody Loves Hugo”

I read a theory by Doc Jensen about how in the end of Lost our two realities will keep going but in sideways LA, everyone (hopefully) will remember The Island and their experiences will merge in their head making a full complete redeemed character. (I can’t remember what was going to happen to the poor […]

Happily Ever After?!

Now. Read my recap of Happily Ever After at They Disney Blog!

Happy St. Wednesday To You!

I got inspired by Leigh’s Saint Patrick’s Day post today and made green Rice KRispie treats with the kids. And that is what made my Lost recap get posted at 2:25pm. Well, that and the fact that Sawyer’s RECON episode made me…I don’t know—LOST. Anyway, if you would like to talk about last night’s episode […]

Lost: Season 6 Episode 5: The Lighthouse

So, I’m having a LOST revelation. More like a coming-to-terms. I had hoped our flash-sideways were untrue. I was hoping for love and contentment and redemption ON The Island. I see that is not going to happen. I think The Island is broken. It’s puppet masters may be everlasting but they certainly are not omnipotent. […]

Lost Season Premiere. And the End of My Brain.

Are you even believin’ last night? I’m equal parts overjoyed and depressed. Overjoyed because Lost is back but depressed because I don’t really like the trajectory of last night’s reality (realities). Mainly, Locke. And Sawyer. And Juliet. Read my full recap at the Disney Blog and then TALK TO ME!