The Grand ReOpening of The Mercy House Shop

Have you ever watched God work through someone? Or work in their life? And it’s so obviously God? Something so big and real that it is just so definitely supernatural? I have. I watched Kristen go to Kenya. While she was there, God broke changed opened her. And soon, she and her family opened Mercy […]

Sevenly & Somaly Mam

A few days before Asa was born, I read a little book in one sitting. It’s called The Road of Lost Innocence by Somaly Mam. Even now, almost 4 years later, I can hardly write the emotions inside me when I think about this book. It’s the story of a young Cambodian girl (Somaly Mam), […]

Pray for South Sudan

On Sunday I was at Target (alone!) and stopped to tweet this: It is like a family tradition that anytime we see a 70% off sign at Target or Michael’s we stop and buy a basket full of stuff. When everything is only 30 cents, you can buy almost 75 different pieces for $25! We […]

Collect for Kenya: UPDATE

It’s been one month since we began our Collect for Kenya challenge! Our month has not gone like we planned and our Purple Bread Store has been shuffled around a little more than we wanted. Our goal was to sell 33 loaves of bread and make $100. We’ve sold 14. It’s ok, we’re going to […]

Collect For Kenya: Summer Challenge

Last summer we took Clubhouse Jr‘s Summer Challenge and collected shoes for people in Haiti. It was a BIG DEAL at our house and my then 4 year old Lydia collected over 700 pairs of shoes, doing a lot of the work herself! I have been eagerly awaiting the June edition of Clubhouse Jr. so […]