Our Summer: Explorers {Atlanta Children's Museum}

A few weeks ago we met up with Vanessa from Silly Eagle Books and her girls to visit the Children’s Museum in Atlanta. Do you have a children’s museum in your area? THEY ARE SO FUN. The first time I went (several years ago, when Lydia was small), I had no idea what it was. […]

Our Summer: Atlanta Botanical Garden

Our summer fun has begun! I told you we have tickets to almost every fun thing in Atlanta and we have already started using them. I hope you don’t mind if I show off our adventures. I’ve been thinking a lot about this post from The Nester about her kids’ 18 summers. I want to […]

I Can't Stop Looking At This Picture

We watched Part 1 of Planet Earth yesterday and the kids were completely and totally into it! I started snapping pictures after about 20 minutes because they were so funny. I shared this picture on Instagram yesterday but just felt like the whole world had to see! (You know, since the whole world reads this […]