Printable Nativity Scenes

Today we spent about twenty minutes during school-time listening to Christmas music and making Christmas presents for our sponsored kids. I scoured the internet for printable nativity scenes because I saw someone somewhere in the vast expanse of the blogosphere who sent a nativity scene to their sponsored kids and I have always wanted to […]

Send Your Sponsored Child a Book {Impress Your SPONSORED Kids}

This is the most horrifying post I’ve ever written. I’m going to tell you to tear up a book. Can you believe it?! It’s just that I’ve found the most perfect book ever for our sponsored kids and I just have to send it to them! I’ve posted about The See With Me Bible before […]

Apple Print Bags

It’s 4:25 in the afternoon. And my kids are in the bathtub. Why? Because Asa had a little accident during his nap. Which has not happened in months. Of course, I had just put his newly laundered comforter on his bed the day before. So, we’re off to wash every piece of bedding again. *sigh* […]

Email your SPONSORED Child

It’s Impress Your SPONSORED Kids time! I have to admit that it feels like we just did this a week ago, because it took me forever to finish our flags and get them mailed off. But, we did it! That’s what matters, right? Speaking of our flags, the kids and I watched the Opening Ceremonies […]

Olympic Flags & Sponsored Kids

Did I tell you Asa is taking tumbling? Well, it’s ridiculously cute. While Lydia and I wait on him, we have time to look at all the older kids practice gymnastics. They are flipping all over the place and so strong! I was explaining to Lydia that we could watch gymnastics in the Olympics and […]

Tissue Paper & Contact Paper Suncatchers {IYSK}

Hey, howdy, hey! It’s the 2nd Friday of the month which means it’s Impress Your *Sponsored* Kids time! We take this day each month to write our sponsored kids (we have two from Compassion and one from World Vision) and make a fun flat craft to send along as well. This month, I wanted to […]

Impress Your *SPONSORED* Kids

*gulp* *blush* *shuffle feet* I’m feeling embarrassed. And ashamed. I say sponsoring a child has changed my life. I tell other people we pray for our sponsored kids regularly, look at their pictures daily and consider them to be family. But the last time I wrote them? Ugh. You don’t want to know. There is […]